Thursday, 21 October 2010

How things change

We went to Butlins last October and I decided it would be the decision making holiday - would I continue in business or would I give it up?

No decision was made as I went into relaxation mode and tried to forget about real life. My problem wasn't so much would I give it up it was what would I do? What could I do? I had more or less made my mind up that I did not want to continue working alone and in those baltic premises. I had thought I may find a part time job and continue with the business part time so the search for a part time job started in December 2010 and I plodded along.

On the 29th December 2010 the hubby and I took the kids into Glasgow to spend some Christmas money, we decided to go mad and have a pub lunch, instead of the usual McDonalds or Pizza Hut. I was becoming intolerant of people who called me on my mobile and stopped me in the street to ask about embroidery or school uniforms, when it gets to that stage you have to move on. As we sat enjoying a family meal my mobile phone rang and I rejected the call, it rang again and once more I rejected the call, when it wrung for the third time I answered it with a rather short HELLO! It was my neighbour at the unit telling me that I had a burst pipe in the unit and the water was p?$%ing out of the door and the roller shutter and it been like that for a few days. The poor kids were uprooted from their lunch and typically we were at one end of Glasgow and the car was parked at the other!

We arrived at the unit to be ankle deep in cold water, the mains pipe going into the water tank had frozen and burst away from the tank and was pouring clean water right through the toilet and cupboard ceiling.

You know it cracks me up, nobody could get a hold of me because they were phoning the shop phone and funnily enough I wasn't there! But the boy from the garage had been at my house to collect my car once, even the police couldn't trace me, they finally got my mobile number from my website.

I feel sick even just going over it again, but lets just say things happen for a reason and I believe that was one of those things.

An insurance claimed followed, talk about incompetent, if you were relying on them to get back into business you could forget it.

It was the coldest months ever and was I glad I had a flooded unit and couldn't got into those premises I would have died of frostbite, so I set about making an office in my converted loft. Did I tell you I had converted my loft, I'm not sure I must go back and check my posts!! January was fine, was still trading with the help of a local embroidery company but by the end of January I was starting top think OMG I'll have to get a job as I still had the shop bills but not very much income. So the serious job hunting began.....

to be continued

Monday, 18 October 2010


It has been 10 months since I last posted. I hang my head in shame! It will now take me months to catch up on what everyone else has been up to.

So what has prompted me to post?

Recently on the world of facebook after a period of absence even from facebook a 'friend' of mine said - and I quote 'U been quiet lately - she's like the wind! All ok?' Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh, mild panic set in, someone knows my blogging name, OMG my deepest thoughts and feeling are written here, my whole life displayed openly, do I bring the whole blog down? What to do!!

Now it wouldn't have been so bad if it was a life long friend or a close friend, I would have perhaps deleted one post, everything else would be known by close friends. This friend is a relatively new friend, perhaps by about 3 years now, but we have known each other for over 18 years. We became friends when she entered my shop for the second time to purchase nursery uniforms for her son and I bravely announced 'you know who I am?!' and we chated for about an hour, perhaps it was more, and to my surprise she was really, really nice and I felt like a pure bitch. Although we had known of each other all these years, we had never spoken, although I'm sure if I had taken to time to speak to her we may actually have become friends a long time ago. Perhaps she thinks differently??

After reading over some of my posts I decided that I actually was quite proud of my blog and that if she was brave enough to admit she had been reading it then I was brave enough to leave it. It made me miss blogging and want to post again. I actually thought I had been missed when I logged back on to find 42 comments - only to realise they are in chinese writing and in poor taste so I will have to delete them lol.

Now that I am 38 years old and have 2 children of my own, I am bitterly disappointed in myself that I was not able to be more grown-up 19 years ago, however, I am not responsible for another adults actions and I did what I thought was right at the time. I consider my friend to be a far better person than I am and I am grateful this person considers me her friend.

Over to you my friend.........