Thursday, 8 November 2007

Update part 1

Thoughts and feelings have been a bit heavy lately so today I'm giving an update of my life in general.

On Saturday last I had a 'me' day and I went to do a level 2 Reiki course, I do have another not very up-to-date post on Reiki and what it's all about at if you fancy a look or if like my hubby you think 'it's a pile of pish' then don't bother. You could of course have a read and see what you think before deciding 'it's a pile of p$%£!'

A week past on Sunday, we were having a pyjama day, this involves me starting housework before getting dressed and then realising it's time to make dinner and I'm still not dressed, the kids tidy their rooms and then lounge, quite often our 10 year old next door neighbour joins them and she doesn't bother getting dressed either so her and my daughter flit from one house to another in their dressing gowns. As long as they are happy, who cares. So they make dens and play and argue and on this particular Sunday as it was near Halloween my neighbour tells a story, a story she has been told by a friend at a recent sleepover, a true story, of course! Now so that I don't give anyone else nightmares, lets just say it involved a baby, a babysitter and a man dressed as a clown in the baby's room, frightening the baby. The kids were fine with the story, that was until bedtime. My daughter, who loves her bed, went to bed no problem and since we got the kitten, it's been lights out and door shut, my son then put off going to bed and by the time we got him there we were all going to bed, he got into bed ok, then started crying and reached mild hysteria by the time I asked him what was wrong, this woke my daughter, who then joined him in mild hysteria, both children wanted to sleep in our bed. We said that was fine and we would leave and sleep in their beds, this created more tears. My daughter at this point was shaking uncontrollably, I believe they have to face their phobias so said they could sleep in daughters room as she has bunk beds, she refused, so they opted to sleep together in son's bed, only if they could sleep at the same side, as normally they would sleep top to toe. We settled down to sleep and then our door opened;

"Who's that?" I said with my eyes shut

"me" said the crying voice of the 7 yo

"and me" said the crying voice of the 10 yo

"this is ridiculous" said the frustrated mummy

"meow" said the kitten

"now the bloody cats in" said same frustrated mummy

"I'm reeaallly scared" said 7 yo

"me too" said 10 yo

"don't be silly, it's just a story, let's have a cuddle, in you get"

so there were 4 in the bed and then the mummy said "right that's enough, no nonsense, back to bed, if you feel scared take deep breaths and say a little prayer, you've got each other"

They got up one more time and we were informed "we're not scared now, we're just going to the toilet" all the lights were put on and they both went to the toilet, I retrieved the kitten who was hiding in our room, held her under one arm and went out to the hall to put the children back to bed again, as I entered the hall my daughter stood waiting on her brother, she was silent, just standing there, the kitten must have got the fright of her life, hissed and jumped out of my arms with her claws outstretched taking them right across my forearm and right nipple "AAHHHH" the frustrated mother let out, the kitten, she bolted. I immediately exposed my bleeding nipple to the 2 silent children "you're bleeding" they both announced! I've raised a couple of geniuses. I went back into my room for tissues and a further examination of said bleeding nipple. The husband was awakened by the kerfuffle "what's wrong now?"

"they got up for the toilet, I lifted the cat, she got a fright and now I have a bleeding nipple" I blurted.

"right, back to bed" the husband took over and the kids were not seen again until morning.

On Monday they were exhausted and crabbit. On Tuesday they had the school disco and my daughter had the Brownies party she was very quiet, ending up sleeping with me, well seen Daddy was on night shift, on Halloween we went along to a friends for a wee party and my daughter was again very quiet and stood aside while the party games were played, I realised at this point she must be coming down with something, we went home and with our neighbour they went around the doors, they had a fabulous night and have sweeties to last for months so another late night was had. Again she started in her own bed but ended up in mine, what a nightmare, she was unsettled all night, I actually thought she was going to be sick because she was so unsettled, however she got up fine in the morning and as I glanced passed her I thought, there is something not quite right about you, the right side of her face was very very swollen!
After a phone call to the NHS 24 help line and then the doctors surgery and finally the dentist it was agreed it was a dental problem, she had an abscess, the infection had obviously mad her quite ill. A visit to the dentist and she got anti-biotic and an appointment to get the offending tooth out, so she got Thursday and Friday off school much to her brothers disgust, but she defended herself by asking him 'would you got to school looking like this?' she was like a little munchkin.

Wednesday came and we headed to the dentist, she is such a good wee thing, not nervous, just gets on with it, that was until the dentist gave her the jags, she was not happy and complained mid jag that she didn't like it, it was sore, ah ah AAHHH 'all done at that side' he said and went in for a second jag, she screamed, she cried, I said 'it's ok, not long now!' as if that was any help at all, he removed the jag and we escaped the room. Big bad dentist, but I assured her it was for her own good and now she would get no more pain or another abscess. She was patient in the waiting room, playing with the lego, when it was time to go back in she refused! I carried her and the dentist shrugged his shoulders, if she's not up for it we'll have to leave it. After all that there is no bloody way I'm leaving without the tooth in my hand, so I calmly explained to her that now her mouth was numb she would feel nothing and if she didn't get the tooth out today we would have to come back and go through this again, she agreed 'can I sit on your knee mummy?' 'of course' said the dentist, we both sat on the chair and laid back, her heart was thumping, I whispered reassuring words in her ear, I don't think she could hear me. Ah, Ah, AAAH 'here it is!' said the dentist. 'All done, good girl, well done!' I said. Thank god! I thought. She was out that front door, swiping the sticker left at the counter as she went, I then took her to Woolworth's and let her pick whatever toy she wanted for being so brave and guess what she picked a PlayDoh dentist set. So that was her another day off school. The tooth fairy was very good to her, a friend of mine then said I should have left her less money as the tooth had to come out, to encourage her to look after her teeth, perhaps she's right, but I was the one at the dentist going through the trauma with her and I think she deserved it for being so brave. Had it been my son, I would never have got him back in the chair.

A traumatic week. Yes

On a more positive note, my website is now up and running, there are a few things still to be finished off, but I thought I would share it with my good friends on the blogosphere and let you have a sneak preview and see what you think, this will of course give away a bit of my identity,
let me know what you think

There will have to be an update part 2 as since I started writing this there have been further mishaps.


Anonymous said...

Please forgive me, mum, I shall return later as Amy is on her way home from school and I need to be ready to receive her at the back door. She's usually like a bolt from the blue.

Hope you are taking care though.
'Till later, Crystal xx

The HOR blogger said...

How cool is that that the dentist let you hold her in the chair? I didn't know they did that sort of thing. Very Cool.

And speaking of cool - What a NICE looking website you made! Great job keeping it user friendly and clutter free :)

Self employed mum said...

Hi CJ, you are forgiven, I catch up with you later. x

Anonymous said...

Hi SEM. My goodness, you have had a week of it! Poor daughter, I really sympathise having recently had to take Amy to the dentist. The tooth came out on its own in the end.

Great website. Had a look and it's fab.

Best wishes, Crystal xx

Self employed mum said...

Hey Hor, nice to see you, I thought he would have just had her sitting on my knee, but no he laid the chair back with us both in it and she was lying on me, how's that for security for her. He is a fabulous dentist and there as no pressure, I've had to leave with my son stuck to me like a cling-on before.

Thanks for the comments on the website, I would love to take the credit for 'making' it but it was actually a web designer, but it is based on what I wanted and my corporate colours etc. I stressed it had to be 'idiot prove' and I think that's what I got. x

Self employed mum said...

OOOhhhh Cj how spooky is that comments at the same time, well nearly!

Self employed mum said...

CJ - taking kids to the dentist is not easy! Glad you like the website. I'm just heading over to read you now. See you soon. x

Frog in the Field said...

What a week, bloody cats, have the same happen to me once! Not nice.
Good website, straightforward and uncluttered, good luck with it.

Self employed mum said...

Hi Frog, I know bloody cats, just wait until the next post the episodes with the cat continues.

Thanks for you comments on the website, I really am pleased with it. Hopefully it will increase the awareness of my company.

Nice to see you. x

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey Nicola! now I would never have had you down as a Nicola. I'm Kathryn!!! The website looks great - well done!

Hope the domestic dramas are all sorted. Isn't it gerat being a parent at times....

Oh well, to the next mini crisis....................

Self employed mum said...

Well hello Kathryn, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my identity secret for very long! Glad you too like the website.

I've been to the next crisis and hopefully I'm coming out the other end. I've stopped blogging at work (well apart from this wee half hour on a Friday afternoon!) because I've been really busy and the unit was a tip, so had a mad tidy up. I'm having difficulty keeping up, but I'll be back soon.

Nicola x

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Nicola, where are you????? You promised further updates and have diappeared. I have visions of mutant sewing machines or some such drama...... You ok honey?

Self employed mum said...

Hi, I'm here, I've been so busy at work I haven't been able to blog!! so I'm going to do a post right now and then catch up with everyone else.

Speak to you all soon. x