Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Stomach bug or food poisoning?

Finally the day has come.... this is the last working day, the last school day, the last day to make sure we have everything. I packed on Sunday, only 2 cases, this worried me, I did not go overboard on clothes and shoes this year, but only 2 cases for 4 of us, I must have missed something, however, the hubby reminds me as usual we will not go without, there are shops in Fuertaventura. I am a 'just in case' mum, extra pair of knickers, just in case. Full medicine cabinet, just in case. But I go armed with 'travel wash' I struggled but have only packed 7 pairs of knickers for everyone, not in total, 7 pairs each. I know when it comes time to close the cases tonight I will squeeze in a few extra pairs of knickers and a few extra pairs of socks - just in case.

So all was well until hubby came home from work yesterday with an extremely sore tummy and spent the evening and the night with acute diarrhoea and stomach cramps, in all the 16 years I've known him I reckon he has been off his work for 2 individual days and 1 week with sciatica. He didn't go to work today! I have given him Imodium and he should recover today - hopefully. My main concern, selfish though it may seem, what if me or the kids get it or worse me and the kids get it, no concern if you are at home but we leave tomorrow at 10.30 drive to the airport, spend 2.5 hours in the airport and then 4.5 hours on a plane. I am hoping the hubby has eaten something that didn't agree with him and it is not a stomach bug.

I have everything crossed and have been sending Reiki (see my reiki post www.healingreiki.blogspot.com) to him and me most of the night, I was wakened anyway listening to his groaning - god love him.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

It takes people months to make a decision, people come to me because they need new work wear, I discuss logo's, prices & timescales, they go away to get the sizes required for their staff and then what happens they all come back at the same time, by then the timescales have to change to first come first served. That's exactly what's happened these last few weeks with the added complication that I am taking a holiday. Hence I find myself working on a Saturday afternoon frantically embroidering gym bags with the school badge and each individual primary one pupils name on it for a school induction day on Monday. When I say I'm frantically, let me assure you it is a computerised machine, which is controlled by laptop, although I do have to frame the items and pick the colours manually!

My husband very kindly just dropped in with McDonald's quarter pounder and cheese and a cup of tea and has now gone to collect the bouncy castle which went out as an emergency to a friend at a church fete after the original bouncy castle didn't show up. He of course had an ulterior motive, the trouble with having a bouncy castle is the back seats of the car have to go down and then only 2 occupants can go in the car, 1 being the driver, therefore either hubby has to deal with castle his self, he does take 10 year old son who is learning very quickly or we have to get someone to watch the kids. As I am frantically working, hubby has taken son and left daughter, who at 7 is quite happy to sort cones of thread for all of 5 minutes..., I am now encouraging tidying up and sorting clothes by age order on racks, they will be ready to run business's by the time they are 16!

At this rate I will be working 24/7 until I go my holiday on Wednesday. 2 whole weeks away in sunny Fuertaventura, hopefully scorching, but there is so much to organise, you would think I had never been on holiday before. I have since I set up the business only done 5 days away. The hardest part is making sure I leave enough money in my bank account and the business bank account to pay the bills.

I will however go home tonight having nearly emptied the ironing basket and put on the last of the washing I plan to do before I go and tomorrow I plan to pack. But as I've said before I am a great planner, just not great at sticking to the plan.......

We return, back to the grindstone 5th July.......

Thursday, 7 June 2007

The flight to anxiety

Trying to think what I've done and where I've been in the last few days, been so busy the days have flown by. I worked on Saturday, final football tournament on Sunday in the pouring rain, in fact torrential! Boys did really well we were all very proud mums, proud wet mums. Usual swimming lessons on Monday after school.

Ah yes and then there was the doctors on Tuesday, we have 2 weeks until our holiday and I have this slight irrational anxiety over being 35,000 ft in the air, most people have problems with their ears on landing I have problems with my sinus's but only on the left side. It begins with a slight pain which moves across the top of my eyebrow and gradually towards the bridge of my nose, at this point the pressure on the eyeball becomes unbearable and feels like it's going to burst! Apparently the more anxious you are the more mucus you make and therefore the more pain you get, so it's a viscious circle, I worry about the pain, more mucus, more pain, together with the added fear that the plane may for no apparent reason fall out of the sky. I have done some research which confirms planes can glide, but I'm not convinced and get slightly more worried when I see a fat family (no offence intended I am in an irrational state at that point) and wonder if the airline has allowed for the extra weight. The answer: 2mg of diazepam, helps to relax the body and the anxiety goes, so that's me sorted. Doctor also gave me a nasal spray to use, plus tablets to delay 'that time of the month thingy' cost me a fortune at the chemist.

I am so disorganised, people keep saying 'oh are you all packed' I don't even have any holiday clothes yet, we have not been abroad for 5.5 years, I work all summer with the school uniforms so I don't seem to have any summer clothes. I have window shopped so hopefully this weekend will kit myself out and I know where I'm going and what I'm buying.

I wonder if it's just me, but I have this need to give new clothes a quick wash through before we go, I don't do it with clothes normally but I like to do it with new holiday clothes, which of course results in more washing and ironing and hubby giving it 'oh for f*** sake, what next' !! the reason, it takes the new smell away and makes sure nothing is itchy or irratable, there's nothing worse than the kids maoning because the labels itchy, hubbys answer 'cut the f***ing label off then' maybe it's just me.....

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Big night out

I took full advantage of hubby being on day shift this week and went out on Thursday night. Well when I say went out I went to the monthly Reiki meeting. That is the highlight of my social life PTA meetings and Reiki meetings.

I decided after a spell of viral reactive arthritis, stress and depression (not serious depression just a bit down) to go and learn Reiki - the hands on spiritual healing. About 5 years ago I suffered viral reactive arthritis. Now it's a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario, not sure if stress/depression leads to the illness or vice versa. I attended a 2 day course and became attuned to the art of reiki. This was purely for my own personal well being, but I am so impressed with its 'powers' I am thinking about taking it further and using it on others. At the moment I only do close friends and family.

So off I went to the meeting, haven't been for months but everyone is really nice, mainly people come along because they have had an illness that conventional medicine or doctors cannot cure. I'm not professing it cures all illness's as I don't have medical proof, but they are a nice group of people from all walks of life. We had a discussion about all the alternative therapy's and how reiki differs, then we had hands on healing which I think when you attend for the first time is the strangest thing, picture the scene, 3 tables all in a line, 3 people lying on tables in a line and it's if you're not fast you're last situation. The rest of the group all doing hands on healing, so you have approx 3 or 4 people with their hands on you, not in an intrusive manner. Hands are simply laid gently on you and the energy flows through that person into your body, your body then draws on that energy, it is the most relaxing experience EVER. Anyway, the person doing your head covers your eyes with a tissue, to relax you, so if they reach you first you have no idea who else is touching your body which I found a bit strange to begin with, now I couldn't care less who touches, I have 15 minutes of tranquility and the word 'mum' doesn't enter the conversation.

I have decided to open another blog about reiki, this will also encourage me to look into it more.


On Thursday night I cam home a calmer, nicer wife and mother...