Saturday, 2 June 2007

Big night out

I took full advantage of hubby being on day shift this week and went out on Thursday night. Well when I say went out I went to the monthly Reiki meeting. That is the highlight of my social life PTA meetings and Reiki meetings.

I decided after a spell of viral reactive arthritis, stress and depression (not serious depression just a bit down) to go and learn Reiki - the hands on spiritual healing. About 5 years ago I suffered viral reactive arthritis. Now it's a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario, not sure if stress/depression leads to the illness or vice versa. I attended a 2 day course and became attuned to the art of reiki. This was purely for my own personal well being, but I am so impressed with its 'powers' I am thinking about taking it further and using it on others. At the moment I only do close friends and family.

So off I went to the meeting, haven't been for months but everyone is really nice, mainly people come along because they have had an illness that conventional medicine or doctors cannot cure. I'm not professing it cures all illness's as I don't have medical proof, but they are a nice group of people from all walks of life. We had a discussion about all the alternative therapy's and how reiki differs, then we had hands on healing which I think when you attend for the first time is the strangest thing, picture the scene, 3 tables all in a line, 3 people lying on tables in a line and it's if you're not fast you're last situation. The rest of the group all doing hands on healing, so you have approx 3 or 4 people with their hands on you, not in an intrusive manner. Hands are simply laid gently on you and the energy flows through that person into your body, your body then draws on that energy, it is the most relaxing experience EVER. Anyway, the person doing your head covers your eyes with a tissue, to relax you, so if they reach you first you have no idea who else is touching your body which I found a bit strange to begin with, now I couldn't care less who touches, I have 15 minutes of tranquility and the word 'mum' doesn't enter the conversation.

I have decided to open another blog about reiki, this will also encourage me to look into it more.

On Thursday night I cam home a calmer, nicer wife and mother...

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DaisyandTim said...

Reiki sounds great; i am very interested in alternative medicine and have taught myself reflexology... great way to get some space and find some calm :-) Daisy