Thursday, 31 May 2007

Rain rain go away.......

I have just read a post from a fellow blogger about the rain which brought this little song into my head;

rain, rain go away
come again another day
Barneys friends all want to play
rain, rain go away

I was subjected to Barney (the dinosaur from our imagination) for years between my son and my daughter. I knew all the words at one point and remember vividly bursting into a Barney song at work one day!

It has been a long time since a little song like this has appeared from the back of my mind. It made me smile. Brings back the memory of the delinquents as babies/toddlers and increases the longing to have another child.

In reality another child is not practical, we have 3 bedrooms so nowhere to fit a baby, the delinquents I have are already 10 & 7, practically adults, I work mostly full time, I complain I have no time for myself and there is the small inconvenience of hubby's vasectomy. His doing not mine. I live save in the knowledge that I am still fertile!

I loved my time at home with the children, I was fortunate I worked in the evenings when hubby was home and got to spend all day with the children doing the walks, toddler groups etc. They did of course do all the things a mother wants to see when I was at work! I miss my babies they grow up to quick with their wee lives wished away. I'm sure every mother has said these words:-

I wish/can't wait until they can/have;
  • first tooth
  • say mum
  • crawl
  • walk
  • go to the big toilet


  • the first tooth wobbles and can't wait until it falls out
  • they say mum so many times we want to change our names
  • they crawl and we realise it's fun for a few days and the novelty wears off, we want them to walk
  • they walk and we realise we have to use the words NO and ah ah and don't touch, much to the baby's shock
  • they use the big toilet and it was so much easier when they were on the potty not hogging the toilet for hours waiting just in case a poo comes!

Ah the memories......

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