Friday, 11 May 2007

Feel good factor

Feeling great today. Apart from the cold which is still lingering I generally feel more enthusiastic about everything. Friends son has taken another 200 leaflets off my hands because he enjoyed delivering them so much, actually I think it's more to do with the money he gets paid!

I have a busy week ahead, a friend that I met at anti-natal classes with my oldest is coming over on Saturday afternoon with her children and I invited her to stay for a bite to eat, the bouncy castle is out on Sunday, we have parents evening at our school at which I am present as both a parent and a uniform supplier on Tuesday and Wednesday, I celebrate my 35th birthday on Thursday (although I'm not old enough to be 35!) and our 11th wedding anniversary, my son celebrates his 10th birthday on Friday. If your maths is good you'll have worked out I spent my 1st wedding anniversary and 25th birthday in labour. That was an interesting day, with the nice midwife who kept telling me to hold on and give the child it's own birthday! I started the pushing process at 11.10pm and I had read the books, this part took anywhere between 20 mins and 45 mins so I was having this baby on the 17th whether it pleased the midwife or not. But what did I know at 1.08am on the 18th Lee Daniel came into the world weighing 7lbs 2oz - 2 hours it didn't say that in the book!! Nor did I expect a wee baby, I had put on 2.5 stones!
Anyway, the school is holding a talent show on Friday night so we are going to that, football as usual on Saturday morning, taking Lee and 2 friends to see Spiderman 3 in the afternoon and the friends are staying for a sleepover, finally on Sunday we are going to see my good friend Jane who is kindly donating all the clothes her children have grown out of and since my daughter changes about 4 times a day these are gratefully received. Oh and we might manage lunch for our anniversary!

Anyway because I have so much on this has motivated me no end, gutted Rebecca's room on Wednesday night, last night I gutted my bedroom cupboard, which ment I could move all my work 'stuff' in there out of the conservatory. Tonight I will actually be able to get in and clean. It's funny how my mind works, I have nothing on, I do nothing, the moment I have so much on I start to gut cupboards. I blame the hubby, when he is on dayshift we sit and watch tele, but when he's out at night I get on great, although I've been up until 1am on Wednesday and 12 last night so I'm a tad sleepy today. But I'm at peace with the world.

Hubby has also confirmed as from Monday he will be on constant nightshift until we go our holidays, 7 nights, 12 hour shifts. Financial satisfaction!

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