Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Lost for words

Why is it when I sit down ready to put into words my thoughts, suddenly they are gone, I'm blank, lost for words! and then I start to type and it flows and I forget to stop...

After our disappointment on Sunday night with the cancellation of the Dancing on ice Tour, mum decided to take me out for dinner, which was great. Just her and I, lost in uninterupted adult conversation, well apart from the over attentive waiters, for a whole evening. Having not been out for a meal without either a husband or a child for a long time I was aware of the waiters attentiveness, is it always like this and I haven't noticed or was it because we were unaccompanied females, I'm not quite sure but I enjoyed it. Felt like me, Nicola, the person, the adult, I love being 'the wife' and 'mum' but just for those few hours I was ME and it was great.

On saying that I still mother my mother. She is, and would totally agreed, handless. Having just turned 60 my mother is still unable to stick a straw in a cartoon of juice without squiring the juice all over herself. When we got to McDonalds I put napkins down for the kids and lay the food out for them, while they do their own straws. I sit down and there sits mum, handless, not knowing how to deal with her 3 items on the tray, so there I go, lay the napkin, open the box, pour the chips into the lid of the box, put the tea in front of her and she is off and running. At least her intellegence makes up for her other inabilities!

I am working from home today. I call it my day off because I don't go to the shop, but I still spend the 6 hours the kids are at school dealing with business orientated things. Over the weekend we have taken 2 bookings for the bouncy castle and had a further 3 enquiries. I had a meeting yesterday with a supplier of school wear who also do embroidery, so I have decided to have most of my embroidery done at the suppliers for several reasons, the main reason being then I don't have to do it myself and the other benefits;
  • I can spend more time with customers
  • I can look at the possibility of employing a shop assistant
  • I can get out and about drumming up business
  • I can take on more schools

So on that note I better get on with it.

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