Monday, 14 May 2007

Business women to harrassed mother

Why is it when everything is going great I await something disastrous to happen. I've had a great day and a great weekend and as I sit here I wait, I expect, I anticipate something to knock the wind out of my sails before bed time, solution perhaps is to retreat to bed immediately!

Today I came to the strong decision that I am a business woman and I can set the terms of my business. Due to cash flow issues because people do not pay their bills on time I am now taking 50% deposits on all orders with balance payable on collection.. I have taken on 3 new customers in the last few days, one on Friday and 2 today, all with the new terms, no objections, immediately solving cash flow issue. Sorted.

A friend of mine who ran an embroidery company from her garage was selling her equipment and returning to full time work due to family circumstances. She kindly referred one of her
returning customers on to me , I discussed prices with the customer to see if I could match the prices they had previously paid, only to discover they were paying more than I would have quoted and therefore agreed to match the prices. Felt good, making more profit and proved I should go in with higher prices that can always be reduced. I tend to make things cheaper to try and get the business. Lesson learned.

Left meeting with new client at 2.50pm to become harassed mother of two dealing with swimming lessons, 1st lesson 3.30-4 for son, while daughter plays with best friends 4 year old daughter. We then have 30 mins before daughter has her lesson 4.30-5, big sigh, 30 mins of peace and quiet, alone with son, 9 year old boy who will hit double figures on Friday, so much easier to spend time with, doesn't skip madly in leisure centre, while harassed mother apologises to passers by who have stopped to allow the Tasmanian devil whirl by, or has to be picked up after spinning continually before hurting something. Once the Tasmanian devil was in bed tonight we cuddled up to watch Eastenders, 'taz' then came down to get her bobbles out, her question to me, why is HE sitting like that, you're my mum! My son, the kind, caring, sensitive soul without hesitation moved over to let her in, what a lovely moment, a split second of togetherness, just the 3 of us. I then whipped 'taz' back to bed to allow my son some undivided attention. I know it won't be long before he thinks its unacceptable to cuddle ones mother, even alone, behind closed doors so I'm hanging on to these moments.

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countrygirl said...

Wow, shrewd business woman :). I have two holy little terrors; both girls. They are pretty scary, lol