Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Go with the urge

On Sunday my son had his football tournament and we were also supplying the bouncy castle for entertainment. My husband is the football coach and left promptly at 7am to help set up goals and boundaries and whatever else is required for a football tournament. I have never been a supporter of football and don't feel the need to attend and watch my son as his dad is always there, however, I make a special effort in the nice weather and of course for the tournaments. The first game the team were disastrous and were beaten 4-0, the second game they won 1-0, beating the team that every one else was loosing to and who ended up winning the tournament, how ironic, the boys were devastated. The final game was the most important to the boys simply because a boy in their class plays for this team and regularly taunts them as his team is better, which technically is true, but riles the boys, they were geared up, determined, motivated and scored within the first 2 minutes, there I was on the side lines jumping up and down like a mad women. I managed to keep track of which goals we were aiming for, but myself and a fellow mother decided we require a few more lessons in football lingo and thank goodness they are to young for the offside rule to apply.

We stayed after our tournament finished to give support to the older teams and to supervise the bouncy castle, by this time it had poured about 3 times and we were 'drookit' I had taken my daughter to a friends house at lunch time as she was bored stiff. The sun had come out, the castle had dried of and we decided it was time to pack up and leave as there was a presentation later for the boys, followed by a disco in the evening for the parents. Just as we started to leave the heavens opened, putting away a castle in the pouring rain is a nightmare, the castle was flat (and wet) and we folded it in 3, we then walk up it to remove the air, this is were my son does his bit, he came running up and dived and slid along it screeching with delight. It was at that moment I had a mad urge to do it too, I was so wet I was passed caring so there I went took my runny and dived, but I didn't slide I just landed there and laughed and laughed, I was having a mad moment. My friend always says 'you must go with your urges' that was one of these moments. I then drove my son and the castle home and left hubby to finalise his football stuff. Got in, stripped, dried and into pj's while my clothes dried in the tumble dryer, my husband then returned and decided we would be as well taking the castle out and returning it to its shed, since we were wet anyway. He obviously hadn't noticed I was now completely dry! Clothes on, castle away, clothes back off again, quick cup of tea, dry clothes back on and off we went to the presentation.

3/4 of an hour after arriving it finally got underway. All the boys were shouted out individually to be presented with medals from the local councillor, who in my mind was rather rude, as he shook the boys hands he was looking all round him. I wanted to stop the proceedings and tell him how wet I had been, how many clothes I had been in, the least he could do was look at the boys, it was after all only 1 hour out of his life. It was then hubby's turn to introduce his team, I don't think he has ever stood in front of so many people to speak apart from his wedding speech, but he did well. When my son was called I let out a nice big cheer, not quite sure if he was embarrassed but I didn't care, he is my son and I'm proud of him.

We then proceeded back up the road, had a Chinese for quickness, washed and changed again. Dropped son of at babysitter where daughter had been all day and went the disco. It was a shame, there was a very poor turn out, must've been about 30 people but we had a good laugh.

There is a final tournament this Sunday, but luckily we just have to arrive, no castle, no presentation and no disco. I'm praying for sun!

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