Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Prayers and missing Madeleine

I have just been reading todays news and the update on little Madeleine McCann. So many thoughts run through my head, is she safe, after so many days missing, I hope so, but I can't answer that. I am not a regular visitor to the church, I was brought up church of Scotland, fell away when I was 16, meet my 'hubby' who is roman catholic, married in catholic church and children are being brought up catholic with me tagging along. But, I do pray every night, every night since I had my children, my gifts from God and I'm selfish in my praying I pray for me and mine, but last night I prayed for Madelaine and her family.

I can't imagine what her family are going through and yet I can't help question why her parents left their children alone in an apartment? Is it just me who thinks this is unthinkable. They give you safety deposit boxes so that your documents and money are safe, you wouldn't leave your money lying about in your apartment but it's ok to leave your children. Even checking on them regularly, kidnapping probably never crossed their minds, but what about fire. I assume they had locked the door to keep them safe. Nobody would know they were there, they couldn't have got out.

I heard mum on the TV saying please don't scare her. Who knows what she has gone through so far but I think being lifted from your bed by a stranger and finding there is no-one there you trust to help you the most frightening thought. And the thoughts of her screaming for her mum. Last night as well as praying, I cried.

I am at a loss, I don't like to judge, but I'll never understand.

I will continuing praying.

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