Monday, 7 May 2007

Husbands, ironing and OCD

My husband has returned back to nightshift much to my delight - as per the previous post. As hubby was about today to look after the delinquents I went to work, yes on a bank holiday.

The cold germ has got a grip of me but I managed to drag myself out of bed. Hubby and said delinquents dropped me off at work as the bouncy castle was going out to a friend today and hubby needed the car. I couldn't expect him to humf the bouncy castle, blower, mat, pegs, ground sheet and hammer and of course the weans half a mile round the corner, that might be pushing it.

I did my whole 4 hours at work when hubby and son returned to collect me, he confirmed my daughter was playing with her friend and as I mother I felt the need to ask if he had informed the friends mother that he had come to collect me, I was confronted with the sarcastic answer of 'no, I just came over and didn't bother!' I should know by now he is nearly 39 and perfectly capable of looking after a 7 year old and a 9 year old for 4 hours.

We returned home and was meet by freshly ironed piles of clothing in the living room. I was delighted as the ironing was ridiculous, my immediate reaction was to say 'thanks' but I stopped myself, does he thank me when I do the washing, the ironing, the cleaning etc, etc. so that was exactly what I said 'I want to say thank you but nobody thanks me!!' maybe the fact that I didn't say thank you means he won't do it again - who knows. I then proceeded to put the ironing away much to my annoyance, nothing was folded the way it fits into the drawers which means I have to refold it. I have already decided I have slight OCD where everything has to be my way e.g. nobody can fill the dishwasher to the max the way I can, or indeed the way I like it, nobody hangs things in the wardrobe the right way, my sister-in-law jokes about me being like the man in Sleeping with the Enemy where the towels are neat and the food tin labels face the front, perfect sense if you ask me. The problem is I try to change the hubby when infact him and delinquents couldn't care less if the drawers were messy and the tins didn't face the front and as for the towels we are lucky if they hang at all.

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