Monday, 21 May 2007

Tired Children......

Well I made it through the week, reached 35 and I'm still breathing. Age is just a number, so they say, for me it's a huge step closer towards 40. I'm to young to be 35.

I'm surprised my delinquents made it through the week, they were subjected to late nights every night, late nights and my children just don't mix. They become cheeky, rude and down right defiant and of course I hear my mothers voice ringing in my head saying 'it's not good to keep them up late, you were like that when you were kept up' and for a split second I feel guilt, but the guilt soon turns to anger when my son does his 'Kevin the teenager' act and huffs at everything I say. Yesterday after his birthday sleepover I had to stop myself hitting him on the top of the head with a comb, on raising it in a threatening action I suddenly remembered his 2 friends were standing at the door waiting to leave, I immediately regained my public mummy image for fear they would tell their mothers what a nutter I was. They had been up until about 1.30 that morning so his mood was indeed my fault.

We dropped the scarred boys of at their own homes and I'm sure they gave their own mothers the same grief that I was enduring. We headed off to my friends house, children played fine, perfect angels. Then it all went pear shaped, my son started complaining his eyes were sore, my son who cries wolf so many times we practically ignore any complaints of soreness and even if we do investigate he is such a woose we have screams of 'don't touch' 'it's ok' In fairness he had been complaining for over a week about something in his eye, he had finally given in and let me look as soon as I mentioned casualty, there was nothing, we assumed an eye lash would work it's way out. So here he was my 10 year old wailing, by this time both eyes were streaming, he was sobbing uncontrollably and wanted to go home. My friend mentioned hay fever and discussed the symptoms with the wailing boy, I then realised 'the cat' he has never been in contact with a cat, mainly because he's scared and there are no cats near us, apart from the 3 that the next door neighbour has just got!! We went directly to Tesco and bought medication to treat allergies. Poor boy got up this morning and had huge bags under his bloodshot eyes, I immediately called for appointment with the doctor who confirmed he indeed has an allergy, presumably to cats! We have to continue with the antihistamine and when he gets better subject him to a cat and if the reaction happens again we'll know for sure, not my suggestion but the doctors.

Business wise last week and today have been great, all the enquiries have all come to actual orders, at the same time. So I'll be manic for the next few weeks, that'll pass the time nicely while I wait for my holiday to come.

Time for chocolate to end the day and prepare me for the next, with of course a wee cup of tea!


countrygirl said...

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood. All sounds pretty normal hun.

Tia Maria said...

I thought my household was mad.
I have 2 kids 12 and 13 and a nephew of 21 living in the celler like Harry Potter. Imagine what that's like, i slowly going grey and im only 35. ha ah