Friday, 4 May 2007

Lazy Days

Today is a lazy day. I ran out of thread, it was delivered before I arrived at the shop this morning, returned to the sorting office and could not be collected for 3 hours. 3 hours came and I had customers to deal with so I didn't get to collect said thread. I am in limbo, no thread to continue embroidery and waiting on 50 gym bags to be delivered. So I sit here pondering, web searching, I could spend hours web searching, it's funny how one web site leads to thoughts which leads you to look for other things, nothing specific just reading and learning.

My husband has just texted to confirm he is back on nightshift next week, I am delighted. Delighted for a variety of reasons. The main reason, in honesty, is the money. Last May I decided we needed a holiday and since my husband has very kindly kept me for the last 3 years while I set this business up, he agreed we needed the holiday but I should pay for it. So without hesitation I went to the travel agent and booked for 20 June 2007. 6 weeks and 4 days away! At the time 13 months away, plenty of time to pay the holiday, save the spending money, buy the clothes etc.etc. and here we are, holiday paid, yes, spending money NO, clothes, NO! And poor hubby has been on dayshift for weeks earning basic wages. It's a struggle. I'm heading into my busy time with the uniforms and every year I learn more about business and hopefully I can go from strength to strength and start to take a regular wage every week.

People ask me how or more to the point why I continue for 3 years without a wage. But I have gone this far, there's no going back and I believe it can only get better, now that I have arranged with the suppliers to do embroidery, there is no end to the number of schools I can cater for in and around the local area.

The other reason I like nightshift is the fact I get the TV 'doofer' to myself, I get a double bed to myself, I have my own nightly routine with the kids and I get out of performing my 'wifely duty' for a few nights!

I'm now going to take my Friday trip to the bank and continue with my lazy day.

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