Monday, 28 May 2007

Mother knows best

Had the end of my week all planned, placed order on Wednesday via email for Thursday delivery, that way I could get stuck in with embroidery on Thursday, Friday and Monday, even though it's a bank holiday weekend I don't mind working when I have loads to do and after all the quicker I get the garments embroidered and out, the quicker the money comes in!

My car was due it's first MOT and was going into the garage on Thursday morning, I popped into the unit, dropped off my lunch, diary etc and took the car up to the garage, despite the driving rain and gale force winds and being offered a lift by the mechanic I decided I would walk, I had an umbrella and a waterproof jacket and it would be good exercise. It is after all only a 15 minutes walk. I then had an issue with my lace which became undone and of course got soaked on the ground, I found it highly impossible to manage my handbag, keep my umbrella up and tie my lace at the same time. I crouched behind a wheelie bin, outside a pub for shelter, holding my brolly between my head and my shoulder, trying not to blow over in the process. By the time I reached the unit I really was feeling quite ill, that's how unfit I am. I was not breathless, nor sore (well no more sore than usual) I just felt strange, more a feeling I couldn't wait to get inside, back in my safe environment.

At 4.10 I realised the order hadn't been delivered, it turns out the suppliers hadn't received the email and the order now wouldn't go until Friday and as it's a bank holiday today, the delivery will now arrive tomorrow. That's when I decided I would take Friday off and spend it with my family. We decided to return the clothes my son had got for his birthday that were to big and the bikini my friend bought me that just didn't cover my boobs, although the hubby liked it. I would have prefered to go with just the kids, but hubby insisted on coming along and it's not that he minds trailing the shops, but he still thinks after 11 years of marriage I will go into a shop pick up the first thing I see and buy it and all us women know, we pick it up, put it back, go round the whole shop and go back to the first thing we saw, it's inbuilt, we can't help it! However having been window shopping on my recent optician visit I knew exactly what I was going to replace the bikini with. The only choice I gave him was pink or white (nice holiday skirt) he choose white. Lucky because that too was my choice.

We went to Sports World where the kids were getting new trainers and we had tshirts to change, my son picked a lovely pair of cropped Umbro trousers, in white! Hubby dealt with his trainers 'what size is he?' !!! I dread to think what would go on in my house if I were not around. He choose trainers, well actually hubby choose what he thought would be acceptable, son tried them on, hubby checked toes while son sat, I informed him the child had to be standing to have the size checked, he sighed, he checked, they were fine. We then went to Primark and looked at more cropped trousers, son turned up his nose and without saying anything I knew. He has reached double figures now and wants the named brands, Umbro, Reebok etc. so far he has never bothered with clothes and all of a sudden Primark was not acceptable. However with my persuasive technique I assured him we would go back and get more sports things, so he willingly choose some trousers. Of course we will be back sooner than I thought because guess what, the trainers don't fit. When we got home he tried them on and couldn't get the left foot on. 'Did you try both trainers on?' I said to hubby and son knowing fine well that would never have crossed their minds! and he says I go on. At least I get the job done right, first time. Men!

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