Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Complements Indeed

Spent a great day yesterday arranging more business, love it when I'm busy, I get a great buzz when my brain is working overtime. Felt great until I asked my husband how I looked and a sweeping statement blew me away, let me take you back to last week, I wear glasses have done permanently since I had my son and discovered I couldn't find vital things like the dummy without my glasses. I also use daily disposable contact lenses for swimming and going out, I usually have 60 at a time and they last me about a year due to the lack of social activity when ones husband works constant night shift. I had been bothered with my eyes, went to the opticians and decided rather then buy new glasses I would try the monthly contact lenses you keep in permanently. Well of course nothing is ever straight forward, the right one was highly irritable and had to be replaced, leaving me with one bloodshot eye and 2 very heavy eyes while I get accustomed to the new thicker lenses. I had to remove them every night for the first week and then sleep with them before my visit to the optician yesterday, all well, optician has confirmed no concerns and I should continue using them, eyes have improved not just as heavy and certainly no longer bloodshot. As we sat for dinner last night I discussed with hubby all about the optician and how I was going to get my hair cut as it was a bit messy and how I felt better, I discussed how there are loads of mothers who go to work all glamed up and because I work in a cold industrial unit I wear vests, yes vests! I work with threads and clothes which create dust therefore I wear older clothes, certainly not glamorous blah blah blah and how I always felt I looked like shite and 'did he think I looked better?' and his response 'you just look like shite without the glasses!' WELL just as well I had had a good day and was not pre menstrual.

This coming from the man who sat there unshaven, requiring a haircut within the next 30 mins from moi the multi tasker and a spot of Oil of Olay wouldn't go amiss for those laughter lines either. But I held my head up high and carried on, with the attitude of I'll show you in a few years when I am a highfalutin business women, all glamorous and no longer wearing vests!

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