Sunday, 29 April 2007

Torville & Dean disappointment

After booking last minute to see Torville and Dean's Dancing on Ice Tour tonight with ones mother, who paid for tickets, I am so disappointed to find out in the last hour they have had to cancel due to a 'sick cast' Am I more disappointed at missing the show or just escaping for a few hours from my normal Sunday night routine?

I have spend the morning cleaning etc. etc. as one does while husband 'stoated about' trying to look busy. Decided there is no point in asking him to do anything as it will not be done to my standard and I'll end up doing it again anyway, much to his disgust. Going out of a Sunday evening requires preparation, such as ironing uniforms, polishing shoes and I find myself preparing all this to leave hubby with only 4 rules; don't have to many pints, feed children, bath children and put children to bed. Is it because I don't trust him to manage or am I just playing the dutiful wife, no it is due to the fact that I'd be soooo annoyed if I get up in the morning and it's not done right or perhaps forgotten! Perhaps I should lower my standards after all does it really matter? Decided to go and visit mum after dinner to discuss our disappointment, drink tea and perhaps indulge in a little cake.

Still trying to find little ways to bring in extra money, keep reading about this Google adsense so thought I'd give it a try and see what happens. See links at the side of the blog. I'll update as I go along, I'm sure there are marvellous other things that can be done, but have only read the basics so far.

Been 5 days since I posted bank charge/credit card letters. Obviously still nothing yet.

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Hi again - I'm afraid I've tagged you in a game - the rules are back at mine with a link through to your blog! You don't have to play...