Friday, 27 April 2007

Plain baby clothing

Having just read a blog from a fellow blogger who is frustrated about the inability to purchase plain t shirts for her baby I realised this is an area for me. Always on the look out for ways to suppliment my income I was unaware of the difficulty to obtain such products. Luckily when my son was a baby the local Mackays store was very good for plain tshirts.

I use many different suppliers for stock for NHP Embroidery Services and as most garments are to be embroidered the suppliers provide a variety of plain tops in plain colours, t shirts, polo shirts, layered tops, sweatshirts and fleeces. I already sell school wear on ebay and had sold many of my childrens second hand clothes there but had never thought about the baby market for plain tops.

So a little sales pitch: Available for sale for children all over the world;

3/6, 6/12, 12/18 months;

Baby T shirt - 100% cotton dusky blue, mint, powder pink, red & white £2.99
Organic baby T - 100% unbleached cotton T natural & red £3.99

3/6, 6/12, 12/18, 18/24, 24/36 months;

baby/toddler Tshirts - 100% cotton navy, red, white, pale blue, pink & yellow £2.49
baby/toddler polo's - 100% cotton navy, red, white, pale blue & pink £4.25

I could go on and on but I won't well not today. I can post world wide, I accept PAYPAL, cheques and postal orders and for further details can be contacted at

So to update the plan
  • include plain babywear on ebay.

My friends son is very kindly going to deliver leaflets for me over the weekend so he has left armed with 300 or so leaflets advertising both NHP Embroidery Services and Alba Inflatables.

Stressful things today:

  • a cutomers cheque bounced
  • an order hasn't arrived yet and requires 4 hours embroidery work and it is now 1.35pm - eat my words just been delivered so will continue when my machine is running.......... machine running, however, hust worked out 6 hrs work so will have to come in tomorrow morning.
  • have to rush to bank before 3 to put money in account to cover bounced cheque.

Fingers crossed for abundance of money to flow my way x


Sparx said...

Hi! Wow, I hope it takes off. I haven't checked out the site yet but I will. We bought some plain tops in Frane in the end but still no plain body suits which are the main things. Thanks for the support, I'll check out the site.

Sparx said...

Er, that was 'France', not 'Frane'. My 'c' key is reluctant.