Wednesday, 25 April 2007

To much tea and bank charges

Yesterday I set the plan and by last night it had gone to pot, forgot about the issue of having 2 children who did not know the plan!

Rushed home from work at 2.15 to have quick tidy up before collecting children at school at 2.55 as son had doctors at 3.15 in next town. Managed to empty and refill dishwasher, wipe round kitchen, clear clothes horse, put more washing on and brush floors. These tasks make me a nicer person, keeps up the pretence to husband that the place 'is never that bad' and means when the kids come home I can spend a cup of tea time with them.

Got to doctors who confirmed son has geographical tongue (spots & coating) and it's nothing to worry about, apparently it will go of its own accord! 7 year old daughter decided to act like a baby during my discussion with doctor as she wanted to sit on bed. Was totally mortified and decided to ignore the behaviour, however, once outside did the 'if you ever.....' chat, feel on deaf ears and left me fuming.

Returned home and decided to watch Deal or no Deal and have a cup of tea as children didn't want to discuss their day with me as they had already spend 45 mins with me!

Husband returned home, so settled for another cup of tea. After dinner husband went to meeting about football team he coaches and I did homework with children. Took daughter to Brownies, son went for bath, I went for shower, hair was dried and almost completely straightened when 'delightful' daughter returned. Spoke to neighbour for 15 mins. Daughter to bed, hair completed, husband returns, son to bed - more tea and then The biggest loser came on so that was me til 10 at which point decided enough was enough and bed it was.

Today has gone better, managed to begin the ebay update that was on the plan for last night, so already realised have to make a weekly plan as a daily plan in this house won't work. Also realised I drink to much tea.

In a desperate attempt to obtain more money I have also applied to all my banks and credit card companies hopefully to get bank charges refunded. That would be nice! Posted letters yesterday and realised today I should have sent the letters recorded delivery and not 2nd class, fingers crossed. I have thought about this for a long time, but normally only act when I discover somebody I know has done it and got money back, so when I discovered my friend had done it that was all I needed to get me into action. Go my first holiday abroad for 5 years in 8 weeks exactly so a small cash injection wouldn't go wrong!


claimbankchargesback said...

Congratulations on starting your claim to get your bank charges back!

You are right in that the letters should have been sent recorded delivery, but it doesn't matter too much if they are just the preliminary letters as the bank will just ignore them anyway :-)

Just make sure that you send others letters recorded delivery, as its important to know the date the bank recieved them, as deadlines for responses start from that date.

Have a look at my site It has full step by step guides explaining how to claim your bank charges back, the latest news and forums for personal advice. We also have a detailed guide to filing your claim in the small claims court online, taking you through every step of the process, and making it easy to file your claim

Michelle said...


I'm totally flabbergasted (and I even spelt it right!) to read about the bank charge thing. :-0

My husband's with Bank of Scotland and when he was in business for himself the whacked us with several £30 fines a day because we were having problems getting two major companies to pay him. (You ever want to get a conservatory built I can tell you two companies up North (Hubby's a highlander) to stay faaar away from! ;-)

I actually popped in to say hi. I saw your hello on the blog forum saying you were new. I'm part new. I started here writing on a friend's blog as a team member, but last month I got up the courage to start my own blog.

Anyway - good luck with the blog. If you need any help let me know.. and I'll ask my more experienced friends. :-D