Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Stomach bug or food poisoning?

Finally the day has come.... this is the last working day, the last school day, the last day to make sure we have everything. I packed on Sunday, only 2 cases, this worried me, I did not go overboard on clothes and shoes this year, but only 2 cases for 4 of us, I must have missed something, however, the hubby reminds me as usual we will not go without, there are shops in Fuertaventura. I am a 'just in case' mum, extra pair of knickers, just in case. Full medicine cabinet, just in case. But I go armed with 'travel wash' I struggled but have only packed 7 pairs of knickers for everyone, not in total, 7 pairs each. I know when it comes time to close the cases tonight I will squeeze in a few extra pairs of knickers and a few extra pairs of socks - just in case.

So all was well until hubby came home from work yesterday with an extremely sore tummy and spent the evening and the night with acute diarrhoea and stomach cramps, in all the 16 years I've known him I reckon he has been off his work for 2 individual days and 1 week with sciatica. He didn't go to work today! I have given him Imodium and he should recover today - hopefully. My main concern, selfish though it may seem, what if me or the kids get it or worse me and the kids get it, no concern if you are at home but we leave tomorrow at 10.30 drive to the airport, spend 2.5 hours in the airport and then 4.5 hours on a plane. I am hoping the hubby has eaten something that didn't agree with him and it is not a stomach bug.

I have everything crossed and have been sending Reiki (see my reiki post www.healingreiki.blogspot.com) to him and me most of the night, I was wakened anyway listening to his groaning - god love him.

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