Friday, 18 April 2008

Let me put you in the picture.

A few pictures from the Wedding and confirmation. In no particular order........

Darling daughter and her favourite closest cousin.

Me & the hubby, and no I am not sporting a huge head-dress, although I have to say it tones in very well!

Me & the hubby, minus the head-dress. Also note the hubby is not a giant but standing on a step higher than me!

Me, Hubby, handsome son and darling daughter.

Handsome son and his favourite closest cousin (brother to my daughters favourite cousin)

These boys are only 9 months apart!!

My mum and her favourite girl.

The Windy Family.

Must remember to close my legs and change out of my slippers for photo moments.

My MIL with her youngest Granddaughter (out of 19 grandchildren)

My beautiful niece & darling daughter

Notice Angel the cat, photo opportunity moment!

Me & my friend, it's not wine honest, it's Lambrusco!

The hubby and his 6 sisters, he also has 2 brothers but they were unavailable for this photo moment.

My hubby has a favourite song that gets played at every family party and he changes the words accordingly it goes........

"We are family......

I've got my 6 sisters with me"

A little insight into the Windy family. I will continue with the wedding story soon.


Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS family! It is so nice to put faces with the names. I love everyone dressed-up - fun, fun, fun!

Frog in the Field said...

You have a bee-yoo-tiful family.
And you all look very happy too, lovely.
Can I have your daughters dresses when they've grown out of them???
No,no, not for me....are you sure it's just Lambrusco in that glass??

She's like the wind said...

Driving - why thank you, I like to put faces with names too and thought I'd better get photos' up while we were at our best! Next lot will be the Holy Communion in May, so watch this space. Hope your keeping well. xx

Frog - Only the blonde girl is mine, the other is my niece, the dresses were lovely and after me hunting Glasgow for an outfit for her, I got the pink dress in Dunnes and my SIL got my nieces in McKays. I'm such a saddo Lambrusco is all I can manage in the wine department, I really have to stick to vodka, but somehow it never seems as sociable! xx

Anonymous said...

Really really lovely photos! You look like a truly happy family. And you're gorgeous!

Crystal xx

She's like the wind said...

CJ - the photo's turned out well I was really pleased. We got a few taken by the photographer that was there too.

Gorgeous, beautiful my goodness my head will be huge soon. xx

Elsie Button said...

Wow, lots of pretty faces! lovely to put faces to names!

She's like the wind said...

Hi Elsie, thank you this is us when we are better dressed! xx

Stinking Billy said...

Congratulations, it is so rare for bloggers to furnish photographs of themselves - I know that I am in hiding, anyway! Maybe if I was good-looking ... and maybe not. ;-)

She's like the wind said...

Welcome Stinking Billy, nice to see someone new, even if you are in hiding LOL I will come over to your place to see you soon. x

Maggie May said...

What a gorgeous family. So lovely to see pictures of you all.
The confirmation outfits looked so lovely on the girls. You must be very proud.

What a huge family your husband has! Glad it all went so well.
Yeah.......... I'm like Billy......... you won't be getting pictures of me!

She's like the wind said...

Hi Maggie May - actually the school uniform was the confirmation outfit, the fancy outfit was the wedding LOL.

Trust me I wouldn't furnish you with any other pictures as I don't have any worth showing, but since it was a couple of special occassions I thought, what the hell! xx

Sparx said...

Gret pics - you're all so gorgeous! Nice to have a face to the name as Driving has already said!