Monday, 14 April 2008

Shoot me now!

I don't know where to start, there is such a lot to say. As I've said before 'it never rains but it pours in the Windy household!' In fact it's p***ing down continually at the moment.

We enjoyed the Easter weekend, the hubby he worked as usual, I took the kids including the next door neighbour to church and then up the hills to roll their coloured eggs. I seem to remember from years ago something about rolling your eggs before 12 noon, now whether I made that up or not I'm not sure, but as I thought out loud and mentioned it to the kids, the 8 year old asked

'How, what time did Jesus roll his at?'

And here was me thinking she was receiving good religious education at school, not to mention her grammar! She has frequent blonde moments like these.

After the Easter story we headed of into Glasgow to try and kit the 8 year old out for the wedding. After looking in every shop and then trying every dress on in BHS we settled for a lilac dress and cream cardigan, I was not pleased with the choice but it was the best of a bad bunch to say the least and at least she wouldn't have to go naked!

At some point after the Easter break I became ill and I mean ill, it was a flu virus, some nights I had hot sweats, others I was so cold. The hubby, well he was on nights! At one point I thought I was going to have to get the 10 year old up in the middle of the night to make me a hot drink as I couldn't lift my head and I was so cold, shivering non stop for hours. Doped up on paracetamol I made it to work as I was so busy, for 4 days I struggled and finally I began to feel better, I was so pleased I was coming out the other end and then I woke up covered from head to toe in a blotchy rash. A visit to the doctor confirmed a viral rash and with that came the onset of another bout of viral reactive arthritis, (all the symptoms of arthritis but no lasting effect and no evidence of it in your bloods.) But I am wise to it now and had started on the anti-inflammatory drugs, this was a particularly fierce flare up, so much so I started planning what I should do with the business and how I could run it differently. My bloods were clear as usual, fortunately the doctor as 2 other patients with the same thing and she knows it is not all in my head.

As I recovered my daughter became unwell with the same thing, like me she was ok during the day but struggled at night. As she recovered she took very rosy cheeks, I sent her to school as she had no other symptoms, the school were not happy and asked me to have her looked at by a doctor. I was angry with the teacher, who said to her,
'I don't want what you have got, go and ask the office to phone your mummy and find out what's wrong with you!'
Well, the cheek, as if I would sent her to school knowing she was unwell. I marched to school and removed her, took her straight to the doctor, who very kindly saw her and confirmed she had Slap Cheek, a very infectious virus, infectious to other children and highly infectious to women in the very early stages of pregnancy, well to the baby and she must remain off school for the rest of the week. Whoops. It was 5 days before the wedding, the week before the school broke up for 2 weeks, she was delighted, 3 weeks off school. I phoned the school with my tail between my legs and confirmed the situation. And all I could think about was who was going to look after her, I had so much work on. I managed to convince the hubby to take some holidays which he did and he looked after her, it was the first time in her whole life he has had to take time off to look after her. She then came out in the same rash that I had, confirming to me that although adults don't get Slap Cheek, her symptoms were exactly the same as mine and I had obviously passed this virus on. By the Thursday night my son was overcome with nausea and dizzyness, I decided at that point if we were going to make this wedding he should have the Friday off school to rest and prepare himself for the weekend.

I have really struggled over the last few weeks with where I'm going in life and what's best for my family, hence no blogging. When I worked in the evening I was there for the kids all day and somebody else paid me, now that would not be practical due to the homework and evening activities they do, I prefer to be there in the evening and work during the day and with the hubby usually on nightshift then I have to be there at night. What I do struggle with is when the kids are not well, when I'm not well, when things go wrong, like this morning my boiler broke down, I had to take the morning off to wait for the Gas engineer and school holidays, the hubby has taken the rest of the week off to allow me to put more hours in at the shop and try and catch up on the hours I've lost. I have a queue of customers waiting for things to be embroidered. Ideally I would like to be more home based, I am considering continuing with school wear from the unit in the summer and obviously any other embroidery work that comes along but increasing my eBay business dramatically, I always have the eBay shop running, but it does become a bit neglected due to lack of time. I need to have a serious think and make another plan. I have started to increase my eBay listings in preparation for the summer as I missed the boat last year.

In amoungst my business planning we are trying to finish decorating the house for the communion in 5 weeks time, I have an ironing pile nearly as tall as the 8 year old, the kids have more colds and sore heads and won't stop fighting with each other. On the plus side I have gutted both children's bedrooms so that's a start to decluttering my life and mind.

And the wedding, well that's another story, I am collecting pictures on Wednesday so I hope to post some pictures along with The Wedding Story.


Driving With the Brakes On said...

Holy cow! Just reading that exhausted me (and it had nothing to do with length!) I am so glad that your hubby took some time off to help with the childcare, and I hope that you all get to feeling better soon!

Casdok said...

Yes wow!
Good luck with decluttering your mind!

And thank you for your very kind comment :)

She's like the wind said...

Hi Driving - thank you, it's great the hubby being off, got to get up, make only one childs breakfast while the other slept and hubby made me tea and toast, I prepared the stew for dinner and left the timer on - hope it's worked or it'll be raw stew for dinner! He stayed home and had to wait for the gas engineer coming back and I swanned into work - FAB! xx

Casdok - At one time peace will come and my house will sit perfect and I'll have loads of free time to love and laugh with the children and the hubby and .....oh yes and then I woke up!
I meant every word of my comment, you are an inspiration and we will miss you. xx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Blimey, you're not having it easy at the moment are you! Slow down, watch some telly and take it easy.

Crystal xx

Frog in the Field said...

Oh poor fella, am sending virtual Brandy, hot water bottles and blankets.
It always happens that way, we have spells like that and it's pure hell.
Wishing you a bit more sunshine soon

She's like the wind said...

Hi CJ - you know it's funny but I do actually work better when the adrenaline is pumping, as soon as it leaves I tend to fall apart, painting the livingroom is on the agenda for tonight, strict instructions left for hubby to paint the ceiling today. xx

Hi frog - the brandy is surely for me .....right! xx

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Oh I so know what you mean. Life is jogging along nicely and then wham the proverbial snowball effect and everything goes wrong......

Look forward to further updates. I've missed you.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Actually, Windy, I work better when pumping on adrenalin too! Much better for the brain cells - they seem to be lacking in matter these days!

CJ xx

She's like the wind said...

Hi MMOF - life is one big snowball at the moment! Further updates coming soon and pictures!!

Nice to know I've been missed. xx

Hey CJ - adrenaline (should that be without the 'e' - I used to be great at spelling) you can't beat it. My brain's like mince. The hubby got me a clock for the shop with the day and date on it because my war cry is 'What day is it?' LOL xx