Monday, 16 June 2008

Angel v Tia

I have 2 bits of news today;

We got another kitten yesterday, she has the same mother and father as Angel, you may remember just recently I talked about him, the big black Tom Cat who must be the lightest cat on his feet around our way judging by the amount of kittens born next door alone!

Tia is the new arrival, she is black and has a small white triangle just under her chin, this may be handy as she gets older so that we can tell the difference if necessary. Angel was none to fussed and has growled and hissed at her, causing the 'wee yin' to hiss back and arch her back, all 6 inches of her - it's so cute! As Angel is now officially a night cat, we left the wee yin unattended in the living room as Angel enters via the bedroom window and then takes residence at my feet. The wee yin slept safely behind the couch where she was safe from Angels view. I took the wee yin up to my room this morning to ask Angel to be nice to her and Angel lifter her head, had a look and went back to sleep, this filled me with positive vibes and I left them both the free roam of the house, knowing the wee yin could run behind the couch and the big yin, being a bit of a woose, can go out of the window. All was well and I was happy with my decision until I started googling 'how to introduce the kitten to the older kitten' almost every thread I came across suggested separation until they are used to each other and in the event they draw blood contact the vet. So now I'm shitting myself that the wee yin couldn't run fast enough to get behind the couch and the big yin's drawn blood. I normally only work until 2pm on a Monday and I stupidly told someone who is coming to collect their work wear that I will be here until 2.30. In a desperate attempt to pass the time I am writing this post.

I hadn't told the kids of the hubby about Tia and let the kids decide on the kitten as there were 2, one was so timid we opted for the not quite so timid one. We set her up in the conservatory, food, water, bed etc and on returning from work, the hubby who keeps his working boots in there said and these are his exact words;

What the fuck is that? stating the obvious at the little black ball of fur
No fucking way!
That's not staying!
We're not having another cat!
It'll be gone by the end of the day!

He drew breath long enough for my son to say 'her name is Tia' proudly

To which he replied 'What kinda name's that for a cat'

Needless to say, the wife wins again, the kitten's still with us - well here's hoping.

I'll keep the other news for tomorrow as I've passed enough time.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed they get on! Nothing worse than hearing cats fighting.

CJ xx

Frog in the Field said...

Ha!! Brilliant, I think that's a fab name for a cat.

Maggie May said...

Love the names!
Hope they all get on well together & that EVERY ONE is now quite in love with the new arrival!

She's like the wind said...

Well they survived the day together, nobody died. I'm glad you like the names, my daughter wanted to call the new kitten Gabriel so that we would have Angel Gabriel! We are soo in love with both kittens.

thanks for your comments.

Suzy said...

They'll get used to each other.

thank you for your kind comments.