Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tia and the conservatory blinds

Well I need not have worried, I arrived home to find Tia in her bed in the living room and as usual Angel who spends the night out and sleeps all day only to appear as soon as I walk through the front door, so I don't think they had been near each other.

Angel still growls and gives the occasional hiss if Tia walks towards her and then runs away to the safety of a top bunk, she has been spending a lot of time on top of the kitchen wall units observing the new little ball of black fur and even went as far as entering the living room while the kitten was present and had a little sniff at her bed, she even had a nibble from her food bowl yesterday so hopefully they will be friends soon enough.

Yesterday I experienced the most traumatic event ever, Tia was walking round the conservatory window ledge and caught her leg in the sting of the vertical blinds, being so small she managed to flip herself which meant she was well and truly caught, as she tried to pull away she started squealing, the most blood curdling squealing I have ever heard, I grabbed at her to stop her pulling, the way she had flipped herself the full weight of the blinds was pulling at her leg, luckily my son was home and I shouted on him, trying to remain calm I explained 'you have to hold her tightly, she will bite and scratch but I have to untangle her leg' at that she scratched him, causing him to let her go, she swung down hanging by the leg, squealing, I fumbled to grab her and my poor boy started hitting mild hysteria, screaming and crying 'I'm sorry mum, I'm so sorry, SORRY SORRY SORRY' by this time my heart was thudding, I'm reassuring him 'it's ok, it's ok, go and get me the scissors' I held on to her, not letting her escape my grip for fear of her breaking her leg, she scratched and bit and finally I managed to snip the string, she jumped out of my gripping hand and had a little run about on the floor, giving the occasional shake to her little leg, my son disappeared to the living room and I took a minute to breath, I was shaking like a leaf it was the longest few minutes of my life, once it appeared Tia was ok I went off to find my little traumatised boy who was sobbing in the living room, I big mummy cuddle, still required at the age of 11 and reassurance it was ok, she was ok and it wasn't his fault, he too had got such a fright with the blood curdling screaming, knowing his new little bundle was in such pain and so frightened, after tending to him I checked the kitten again and she seemed ok. At this point I could have burst into tears, I was glad I was home, although she would not have been in the conservatory if I wasn't home and I was glad my son was home, although traumatised he was able to get the scissors I'm not sure what I would have done if he wasn't home as the string was so tight the only option was to cut it.

I am again traumatised after living that all over again so I will leave it there for today and go and have a cup of tea!


Frog in the Field said...

Oooh, that's horrible to read, poor all of you!
Have you ripped the blinds down and thrown them outside yet?

She's like the wind said...

Hi Frog - no we have banned the kitten from the conservatory which is really hard, I get the kitten out, then Angel goes in and while I'm trying to get her out the kitten goes back in - if you could all see me LOL! xx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

You poor thing. Cat's are such fickle creatures and have very sharp claws and teeth. I can imagine it must have been very difficult for you both. Your poor boy too.

Hugs, CJ xx

She's like the wind said...

Hi CJ - I didn't really feel the pain until afterwards as I was so concerned about the little thing, after I calmed down and my heart returned to normal I realised how sore the biting was! xx

Maggie May said...

Ohhhh! that was a difficult read. Poor little thing. Hope you & your son have got over the shock! I am sure little puss cat already has. One of her nne lives?

She's like the wind said...

Think we've all just about recovered now LOL. xx