Sunday, 6 January 2008

She's like the wind - take 2

So that there is no confusion my web address for this blog remains the same, however I have changed my name. If you are kind enough to have a link to me on your blog can you please amend my name to 'she's like the wind' no need to change anything else.

I'll be back to catch up with everyone soon.


Anonymous said...

Done! I had meant to do that when you first posted about it . . .

Hope you are catching up from the holidays and that we will have more to read soon! And be sure to include a link for your mom's blog should she give it a go - I am always curious to see what those a little bit older than me have to say about life.

She's like the wind said...

Hey Driving, I have got absolutely no intention of my mother ever finding this blog, hence the name change!!

There are things on here that she does not need to know, she would not mind me discussing my life, but the sexual abuse 'thing' at the age of 13, not sure finding out on a public blog 22 year later would go down to well.

If I ask her for her blog details she'll be sure to ask about mine so I'm hiding. Have you been at the Sherry? LOL

Have to get my tax return done before the end of January but I can't see that from keeping me away from blogging!


Anonymous said...

Can we call you "windy" now?! I've changed your name on my links. Hope your mum blogging doesn't cause you any upset. You have been very brave to have told us what you have so far.

Crystal xx

She's like the wind said...

Hi CJ, you certainly can call me "Windy" reminds me of Windy Miller from, was it Camberwick Green - do you remember that!! That's not what you were thinking though, was it?

Hopefully she won't come across my blog and if she does it should be far enough down the line that she doesn't read to far back!!

Windy xx

She's like the wind said...
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Elsie Button said...

done! And happy new year. Like the new name - very mysterious

She's like the wind said...

Why thank you Elsie, I like that, being mysterious, I hadn't thought of that. Nice to see you. x