Thursday, 31 January 2008

Frazzled brain.......

It's all go here in the Windy household, sometimes I think my mind will explode.

In 19 days time my son, the 10 year old, takes his first school trip, 3 days and 2 nights away from home to an activity centre. From the day and hour he found out about this trip - at the tender age of 6, he has maintained 'I'm not going!' The only house, other than his own, that he will stay comfortably at is my mothers. So last February came and it was time to book up to go. We had discussed the lead up to the trip last year, his very good friend M was going, M is autistic and he was going, he had done a practise dinner at our house, food provided by his mother, but cooked by me and on the table for 5.30pm sharp to avoid meltdown. M went and loved it, even though coke was not on the menu, he went armed with his last bottle of coke for the bus journey. This obviously played on my sons mind and he said he would think about going, he appreciated how hard it was for M to go and not have his mum's food, his double quilt on his single bed, his coke, his exact diet - 5 fish fingers, 2 chicken nuggers and McCain homes fries at 5.30pm. I did not pressure or force my son's decision, although I did point out that if he didn't go , he would have to stay at school and when everyone came back, he would at that point wish he had gone, a little gentle persuasion, I thought.

We started then having practise sleepovers, we started more frequent sleepovers at Granny's, then his friend in the next street and finally at M's house, although M's brother is my son's 'best friend' they come as a pair, being so close in age.

There was a discussion in school about the trip and a brochure home. He had turned a corner and he was going. I explained it was ok to go and know that he will miss his mum , dad, sister and most of all the cat, but it will only be a few days and he would have a great time and it will all be over to quickly. He is now excited about going, they have decided who's sleeping where and he has read the brochure over and over, I have discussed his case, clothes, shoes and anything else that it on the strict list of thing to take, everything must be named, even down to the pants, oh no sorry 'boxers' for this trip, aparently it's not cool to wear pants when you're 10! They wear old clothes as everything gets muddy and wasted, I will have to buy him new pyjama's as he's taken such a stretch. My little 10 year old. He has turned out to be a confident, charming, funny, handsome young boy and I'll miss him sooooo much.

He has already decided he doesn't think he will do York next year, in P7, as it's for 5 days and 4 nights! We will start the gentle persuasion on his return. My 8 year old daughter has already decided she will not be going on any of the trips either, but I have another year before I need start working on her. So I have hit mild panic over my son being in the capable hands of other adults for 3 days, a situation totally out of my control and I don't like it! But being the mature adult that I am, I know he will have a great time and I can worry once he is away and not bother with the worry until then.

Today the kitten, my little Angel has been at the vet to be spayed, I left her there at 8.55am and felt sick to the pit of my stomach, will she ever fogive me, putting her through such an ordeal?

Yesterday I booked the hubby's 40th birthday party for August and have started arranging the buffet in my head.

Tomorrow I am taking my daughter to look at communion dresses, the buffet was planned in my head early January. Hubby's buffet will just be an extension I think.

And on top of all this I have been arranging dates, train tickets, senior citizen railcard, what to wear, what to take and the picnic for the train which I recently planned in my head, for my trip to London at the end of the month.

My poor brain is frazzled, why I find it impossible to think of one thing at a time, God only knows.


Expatmum said...

Sorry - where did you say you did your advanced degree in child psychology? Not to mention your BSc in Management and Organization. I was going to say 'never mind, it's the weekend' but sometimes they're worse!

She's like the wind said...

I'm quite good at the old reverse psychology, been doing it for years on the hubby.
Weekend won't be so bad, daughter going to stay with Granny tonight, so that she doesn't need to start in the freezing cold watching her brother play football, I will then take son to Grannys house, where we will swap children and daughter and I will go looking at dresses. Promised to take mother into Costco when we we're done. Mother + children + costco = stress. Sunday going to visit a friends new house where my children will be perfect angels during the visit. Think all going well I might survive another weekend. xx

Suzy said...

WOW, your juggling expertise is enviable!

You are a master at organization and implementation!

Kudos to you my friend!



She's like the wind said...

Hi Suzy, I'm like the juggler juggling 6 balls and they're all on the floor!! Whoops x

Anonymous said...

Oooh, this has made me think. Amy is due to go on a residential this year - she is only 8. I think she is far too young, socially, to be taken on such a trip and I am not looking forward to her going one bit. I can't talk to her about it because I don't want her to go. How selfish is that? I will have to do a blog about this one and see what reaction I get.

However, that said, I am sure your son will absolutely fine. He will have a great time and may even enjoy the responsibility of looking after his autistic friend. I do hope Amy's friend looks after her.

Also, I registered with statcounter and now have the facility too. However, I am still a little unsure as to who is visiting me. I have noticed that the majority of my visits are googlers who want "Jigsaw Sex". Don't ask!

Crystal xx

She's like the wind said...

Hi CJ - Jigsaw sex, now what ever takes your fancy!! It's actually quite worrying.

8 is young for a residential trip, I would be ill, my 8 yo wouldn't go, although I don't worry about her as much as she is not as sensitive as the 10 yo. We went to a meeting about it last night and it sounds and looks great. This morning he is so excited and we are on a count down. This is making me feel better to know that he is not dreading it. His autistic friend went last year and the fact that he went made him realise he could do this.

I'm sure Amy and her friends will look after each other, it's human nature and although kids can be cruel in situations away from home I think they will all look after each other. Well hopefully. xx