Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I'm a survivor

Well I survived the weekend and I have come out the other end a calmer person.

All issues have been dealt with and my mind is slowly clearing;

Issue number 1; Kitten at vet for spaying - done.

Angel was a poor little soul, I collected her from the vets after work on Friday, she looked at me with big 'Puss from Shrek' sad eyes. I got her home the kids and my mother eagerly waiting and on strict instructions not to lift her. She has a large shaved patch on her left back side with a small neat cut and a single stitch. She got out the 'cage' and snarled and hissed at everyone who went within a few feet of her, she was jumping to her usual places and then not having the strength and falling off. I felt terrible, however, she settled down and is now more or less back to normal and I know it is for her benefit in the long run. Stitch to come out of Friday.

Issue number 2; kit daughter out for First Holy communion - done.

The plan was, as hubby was working, to leave my son with my mother and take my daughter by myself and get 'the outfit'. I decided after pay day was the best time to take her, obviously. My mum had said that she would have liked to come, but not being Roman Catholics ourselves, we are not that familiar with the whole rigmarole, for my son, we hired a kilt. End of. But I explained I wanted to get it now, before it got too busy and so that there was more choice. As it happens, hubby came home from work on Friday and announced 'I'm having a day off tomorrow!' 'Great, you can watch the 10 yo and I'll take my mother to get the 8 yo's outfit' I said. The whole experience was most enjoyable. As we approached the shop I commented on the dresses in the window, Mary, who was just entering the shop, back from her break, waited inside the shop and said 'Right Hen, come on in, an I'll serve ye' She took us downstairs, she was great, very organised. 'Right Granny, you sit there, mum you leave yer bag wi' Granny, so that ye don't need tae watch it. Don't worry Granny, I'll bring her oot wi' every dress and let ye see' Mary said. So we knew exactly where we were, Mary picked a few dresses and we tried them on and decided what we liked and what we didn't, narrowing down our choice, with each dress 8 yo paraded out from the back of the shop with a big grin or a not so big grin depending on the dress. But all the 8 yo could think about was shoes. We picked the dress and my daughter had now spotted the other girls were trying on veils and tiara's. I had already decided I would purchase her accessories either another day, like next pay day, or perhaps on eBay, where they may be considerable cheaper, however, I had thought she could try the things on and then I could look at what suited her and then I would know what I was looking for elsewhere. I said to Mary 'Can she try them on, but I might come back for them' 'course you can' she said, she really was so helpful. We tried on the first veil and it was perfect, her dress is plain but stunning and the veil was likewise. '£40 for a veil' I announced when confronted with the price tag, by this time mum had got cosy with another Granny and they were comparing families and grandchildren and both deciding with each other what child suited what. At that my mum said with a wink 'just get everything, while you're here and then we know it all goes' So we did, get everything - tiara, veil, little handbag, gloves, tights, shoes and of course the dress, I drew the line at a parasol, which my daughter desperately wanted. As we made our way to the til, my mum said 'I'll pay for everything' we then had the little 'no, you won't, not all of it,' 'yes I will' nonsense. Did I mention the underskirt, I think I forgot! Mum paid and said we would sort it out later, that was fine with me, we would sort it out later. A grand total of £254! Now I know it's not about being the best dressed and I know it's all about the religion, had I been on a tighter budget I may have picked a cheaper veil, had I known my mum was paying, well she might have got the parasol! But it's my only daughter, my mums only granddaughter and my MIL's youngest grandchild out of 19 grandchildren and my hubby works very hard, 5 nights and the weekend to provide for his family, so on this one occasion, she got to pick whatever she wanted (apart from the parasol) regardless of price because she is a very special little girl.

Issue number 3: visit old friend in new house - done.

My friend, who is not old in age, well she's 35 and 3 weeks older than me, does that count! We have been friends for a long time and she moved house back in October, I felt terrible that I hadn't been to see her in her new house. So finally on Sunday we did 'the visit' and I was even able to use my TomTom, the hubby got me for Christmas, to get there as I really didn't know where I was going, the rest of the time I have just pretended not to know. We had a rare old blether, drank tea and ate cakes. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. we won't leave it so long the next time.

I realised on Monday morning the stress of the last week as been cause by non other than the old pre-mental tension. Yes pre-mental. That is what my friend calls it, I think it explains my emotions better and I'm sticking with it. So this week I will remain mental and in a few days I'll be post-mental. On Sunday night, I tried to quickly brush round the living room and give it a quick dust, while the hubby and 10 yo watched the TV, I very quickly fell out with the brush and stormed from the room in disgust, after tripping over the 'spare TV' on the floor. On Monday I couldn't careless that the living room was thick with dust and started clearing cupboards and now that it's Tuesday, fuck it, I made pancakes with the kids, told them that was their dinner and started blogging! First time I have baked, ever, with my kids and I haven't shouted once, although the kids have fallen out with each other.

No wonder my husband doesn't understand me!

Who'd be a woman?

PS my spell checker is not working on this laptop, so please forgive any errors.


Manic Mother Of Five said...

Oh windy you do make me giggle......

I am a definite agnostic but hey if it means I can get the daughter decked out in that kind of finery, I may be converted! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

A big WELL DONE on only falling out with the brush as this mental time. Now that really is a much better term.... It really is a curse isn't it. I am not as extreme mood-wise as I was when I was a teenager but I can still get pretty angsty. Who'd be a woman.... That said, who'd want to be a fella. Nah, I'll put up with the mentalness a bit longer...

Fab post! X

She's like the wind said...

Hey MMOF, watch what you say, cause I could snap at any minute in my mentalness!

I must post some photo's of my daughter in her finery after the communion, then you may find everything on eBay! I so want to keep it but what's the point, I kept my wedding dress, even if I was to get married again, although I'd have to get divorced first, I'd want a new dress, I'm hardly going to marry in the same dress.

Funnily enough I do tend to fall out with items during this time, in my teenage years it was hair brushes and remote controls, I don't know how many were thrown against the wall, only for me to fall to the floor in tears, realising I had broken them....again.

Who would want to be a fella, but do you know what, they worry less, think less, go to work and not bother about the ins and outs of childcare, can go to the pub alone, can fart in public.......right now mentalness or man, I'd say man, but then again ask me next week. x

Maggie May said...

Poor little Angel. Hope she is feeling better now! Has to be done!
Your daughter must look a treat in her communion outfit.
Had to laugh at the brush with the brush! A real home from home, that! Blogging wins every time with me!

She's like the wind said...

Hi Maggie May

Welcome, thanks for coming over. Angel is recovering well, thank you.

My daughter does look lovely, though I say so myself. Of course you don't really get the full effect in the shop with all the bits and pieces we will have to wait for the big day, when we put it all together.

Blogging wins for me too!

Suzy said...

Your daughter's outfit sounds as lovely as she does.

Please post some photos if you can.

Get some rest and relax!!


Mid-lifer said...

Well don! Hope this week will be calmer.

I had potentially a horrendous weekend lined up (too many things and not enough time!!)and was fully prepared for a few 'mental tensions' but cancelled football matches and a kind man in a car park saved the day. yay!

She's like the wind said...

Hi Suzy - thank you, my daughter is lovely......until she opens her mouth....the cheek she can produce! But that's another rant. I certainly will post some photo's you have to wait until May though!

Hi Mid-lifer - you sumed it up, too much to do and not enough time. I love when the football is cancelled, don't you, beats standing in the cold. 'A nice man in a car park, how nice?'

Maggie May said...

Hi again. I have an award for you on my post!

Swearing Mother said...

Just wait till you get to be mental-pausal, that's even more fun!


She's like the wind said...

Maggie May, how very kind and we've only just meet, I'll be right over to collect it. Thank you! xx

SM - OMG! you mean it gets worse. And here's me, who has to straighten my hair everyday going to have to deal with night sweats and frizzy hair and mental-pausal. Shoot me now!!!!!!!

Mid-lifer said...

Hi, I have an award for you too - it may well be the same as Maggie May's!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I loved having my first holy communion because my dress and veil and white shoes and socks and little handbag were brand spanking new and along with my very pretty rosary bead set I looked like a wee angel. To this day I can still remember the event and how special we were all made to feel. there are worse things to spend a few hundred quid on and I hope your wee angel and you all have a lovely day. X