Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Award Ceremony

I have been given this award by Mid-lifer, Sparx and Maggie May with the following instructions;

I love being a part of the blogging community and part of all the friendships that I've formed so I wanted to give a blog award for all of you out there that have Excellent Blogs. By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10.

Now the only issues I have with Awarding 10 others are everyone else seems to have it already. So I would like to thank everyone who comes over to see me and support me. I love you all. I accept this award in my best sky blue fleecy pyjamas.
What I did want to do and can I figure it out at 12.15 am on a Tuesday night, sorry Wednesday morning. I wanted to put the names mid-lifer, Sparx and Maggie May so that they could act as links to their sites, everyone else seems to be able to do it, why can't I?
So if you can shed some light I would appreciate it.


Expatmum said...

I've just done research on that, as it happens. First, blogspot's help links are actually quite helpful and I found it all there.
What you do is, highlight their name after you've typed it, then click on the link button. There should be about 6 little buttons above and left of where you're typing. This is third or fourth from the left, after the bold and italic buttons. Click on it, and a little box will come up in the top left of your screen. You just type in the address of their blog (eg. www.sheslikethewind.blogspot.com) and hit OK. When you go back to editing, there will be a lot of gobbldygook in your post, but when you preview it you'll see it's all bold and linkable.
Hope this helps.

Maggie May said...

Please pick up your reward from my post!

She's like the wind said...

Expatmum - you are a super star, it worked and it was so simple, I had tried the link thing but not the way you had described so thank you so much for you help.

Maggie May - what can I say 2 awards in the one week I am so pleased thank you thank you and thanks you. x

Suzy said...

Thank you for passing this award over to me. You are extremely generous.
Congrats on your award also!

I shall take your post and pin it to my wall to inspire me and remind me of where I'm going.


She's like the wind said...

Suzy - you are more than welcome. I love your writing it's just a shame it's not made up! xx