Monday, 18 February 2008

I'll miss you x

Once again it is all go in the Windy household, we never do one thing at a time, that would be ridiculous.

My sons school trip is now iminent, he leaves on Wednesday morning, we have to be at school for 8 am. I pray he goes happy and excited and most of all doesn't look back with a sad, help, I don't want to go face on him, he is such a sensitive soul and just loves his own surroundings. So far he is excited and counting down the days so fingers crossed. I know he'll have a good time, he knows he'll have a good time and as long as we get him away on the bus we'll be laughing, so to speak. I will then start the countdown until he is safely back in my arms and dread those final hours when he is due back as the gut wrenching, missing & longing to see him feeling sets in as he draws nearer. My son has never been away more than one night, not long enough to truly miss him. I will set him off with the parting words 'Have a great time' I will keep 'I'll miss you' deep inside.

With my daughter's communion coming up in May, it is time for the house to have a lick of paint, well actually it time for the kitchen and conservatory to be painted, it is after all 21 months since they were completed in the week running up to my son's communion. Our family accepted the unpainted kitchen, conservatory and upstairs loo as they were so impressed to see these new developments that hadn't been there 4 weeks earlier for her confirmation. But 2 years later we might not get away with the unpainted rooms. I've been in such a guddle since, I haven't had the time or the inclination to paint, one excuse after another. The plan went into action to 'sort' the house a week past on Saturday, the painter came and gave us a price, a start date and a list of the quantity of paint etc. the next day, my friend, the joiner came and shelved my bedroom cupboard that the water tank had been removed from and ever since it has been operation clear out, every cupboard, every bit of paperwork has been binned, recycled, shredded where appropriate, I have one kitchen drawer and 2 small kitchen cupboards to go and the whole house, well apart from the kids rooms, which are freshly decorated, but do need a good clear out, will have been sorted and then I can go back to being a normal functioning person who has time to spend blogging and ebaying and running a business in a less stressed out & frantic manner.

The painters start tomorrow, I have decided to go for the show house, neutral look throughout the house and settled for Magnolia for the kitchen and the hall, Soft Wheat for the conservatory and Cocoa Mist for the living room, I have brown leather in the conservatory and cream leather in the living room, so thought I'd pull the whole house together, removing the Velvet Plum and Ancient Earth bold colours that currectly reign. I could have spent hours picking colours, but decided to go for the colour most like the plaster in the conservatory - because I like the colour of the plaster! and for the living room, I picked the nicest browny colour on the chart, I could have bought sample pots and spent hours deliberating in different lights, like my mother would do, or just go for it, so go for it I did. At least it will be clean and by the time I get the cutains and pictures and bit's and pieces all back in place I'm sure it will look fine.

This of course will keep me busy while my son is away. And after all that is said and done I still have my weekend in London to look forward to. Now I won't see my children from Friday morning until Sunday night, when they will be tucked up in bed, sleeping and they won't see me until Monday morning, but I won't have the same 'missing you' feeling as they will be at home with their dad, my family all together.


Anonymous said...

My gut is wrenching for you! I am sure that he will do fine, and that you will as well (even if it does take a little liquor to help!)

The house cleaning and sorting sounds like it is going well, and the new paint will be a nice treat! Good luck!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

God don't let my husband read this post, he'd run off with you instantly, such is his admiration of a decisive woman!!! Decor will look fab I'm sure.

Now then, son's trip. I know it's tough but a mother's job is to make her children capable of going off into this weird and wonderful world of ours with their heads held high and brimming with confidence..... You can have a blub when he's safely on the bus ok.

Big love MMoF xx

Suzy said...

I know you will miss your son and he will miss you.

But he will do just fine and you will be so busy, time will fly.

All love,


Maggie May said...

You will miss your son! Time will soon bring him back & its all part of the growing up experience for him & for you! I hate goodbyes & have shed many tears!
Hope the redecorating goes well. Keep busy, I say! (Says she sitting back with a cuppa!)

She's like the wind said...

Driving - Might just exchange the teabags for a little wine, for medicinal purposes! House clearing is a chore but I feel a whole load better, thank you.

MMOF - and how handsome is your husband? I would bring him back. LOL. You summed my son's trip up very well and that is exactly what I'm doing. He told me last night, 'I might have a little tear running down my cheek, but I'll not be pure sobbing' bless!

Suzy - you're right, before I know it he'll be back, I know. I only worry because he is so sensitive.

Maggie May - I so encouraged him to go because I know what a great experience it will be and he was really excited this morning so lets hope he has the same excitement tomorrow. I can't shed a tear or he will spend time worrying about me!!

Nice to see you all.

Anonymous said...

Your son will have a wonderful time, i am sure. He will of course miss you but it's all part of growing up. I'm not looking forward to Amy going away later this year. I don't think she is either!!

Crystal xx

She's like the wind said...

Hi CJ - well off he went and there was just one little girl who was upset when she arrived, but by the time she went on the bus she was fine, they all were, caught up in the excitement. They will have a fabulous time, all part of growing up and me I feel like someone has cut off my arm! x

Casdok said...

Yes you do miss them, but you sound very organised and busy which helps! :)

She's like the wind said...

Planned to be busy, but the decorators only started yesterday, so place was in a bit of a mess, so just enjoyed the peaceful night, watching the TV surrounded in kitchen 'stuff' x

Elsie Button said...

what a busy time! it must feel strange your son going off for the first time for any length of time - but you will both have fun - he on his trip and you with all that decorating to get done. Have a fab time in london!