Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Only one more moan - I promise

I was going to fill you in about my loft ....but....I have one more moaning, feeling sorry for myself post and then I promise to move on! I have to say I feel better today than I did yesterday. Today is my Gran's birthday and she would have been 87, which worryingly means I'm going to be 37 on my next birthday, did I tell you we have 25 years exactly between our generations, I don't think I've shared that before. My Gran was 25 when she had my mum, who is an only child, my mum was 25 when she had me, an only child and I was 25 when I had my son and then buggered up the proceedings by having a second child at the age of 27. So when my Gran's birthday comes around it's always a reminder that in 3 months time, all be another year nearer to 40!

Anyway, I'll tell you a sneaky wee bit about the loft, we have had it converted into a room, well really an office for me and with the hubby being made redundant I decided we would use what paint we had in the house rather than spending money that we didn't have to. We had a huge bucket of Dulux white, which was nearly empty and a huge unopened bucket of B&Q value white, so I decided white it was, I started with the dulux to use it up and when it was finished went onto the value paint, well that didn't go down to well as I quickly realised I would need at least 4 coats to match up with the Dulux coated walls, none the less I soldiered on and thought that would do an undercoat. I spent the weekend glossing and emulsioning. Yesterday when the kids came home from school I took them to their favourite place, B&Q, NOT and we purchased descend Dulux paint. After our rapid B&Q visit we went to visit Granny's grave. The ground was covered in snow, I am delighted to report we had our snow on Sunday/Monday, I bit more descend this time and the kids were off school with colds. sore throats and upset stomachs, but I made them go out and play in the snow, so out they went like Michelin men and had a great time. So anyway the kids decided to clear the snow from the ground over Granny and by the time they had walked around and shovelled snow with their hand the graveside looked like a dogs dinner. My mum is going to visit today and I can imagine her face when she sees the state of the ground, thinking someone has been prancing over her mother! In days gone by my Granny would have raised her eyebrows at such a 'mess' but if her great-grandchildren had done it then that would be absolutely fine, they could do no wrong! Granny's aaahhh

Now I am not adverse to painting I find it quite calming and therapeutic, however, it leads to thinking, I have spend hours and hours in that loft, painting and thinking, thoughts non stop running through my head and this makes me sad, empty and lonely. I am lonely and sad on the inside and I need a good laugh. On Saturday night the hubby and I are going to go for something to eat and then go to the pictures, something we haven't done for ages. Hoping mum will take the kids overnight to her house. Fingers crossed. A change of scenery that should do me good and perhaps a mad, rampant 5 minutes wouldn't go a-miss either!!!


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Yeah get out on that date with the hubby and have a great time you deserve it. Hope it cheers you up hen. Painting makes me cheesed off so no wonder you were down. All the best, X

Maggie May said...

When I do painting or anything like that & I am on my own, I listen to the radio and get absorbed in some discussions or a play of some sort. It helps to while away the time & I love the radio.

Hope your Mum can take the kids off your hands and that you will be able to have a lovely time with your husband.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's typically backfired on you to do a good paint job. I hope you have many happy working hours in your new loft nonetheless!

CJ xx

Mother Nature said...

I think Granny wouldn't mind a bit.