Thursday, 23 August 2007

In between jobs

Four days on and still no work from the agency. Hubby is now using the terminology 'in between jobs at the moment' he has been proactive, he has called every relation he has (this is the man with 6 sisters, 2 brothers, 19 nieces and nephews, 2 great nieces and a great nephew) so there are a quite a few relatives to go round. He has been to the local water bottling factory for an application form and the neighbours who all seem to pick up casual jobs no problem. The only place he hasn't been is the job centre, but he is calling them today to go in for an 'unemployment interview'

I laugh (mildly) at the fact we are married, had children, have a bought house and 2 years ago the tax credit people stopped our £10 a week as they said we had earned too much money the previous year. This was at a time when I had gone self employed and the extra £10 a week would have been handy, but not to worry we will start getting it again next April! It seems to me if you do everything correctly you get nothing.

I am not panicking yet, he gets a wage this Friday, but then nothing next week, then I'll panic. But I am a great believer in what's for you won't go past you and I have been able to work full time this week and given that I'm so busy perhaps it was a blessing. Normally all the money I make goes right back into the business to build it a step bigger, but at least I've made enough to have a little bit extra to keep us, well for a few weeks anyway.

If anything this is perhaps the push a need to step it up a little. I have to confess I am slightly afraid of building a big business and this holds me back, I am afraid the tax man will come chapping at my door for lots of money and I've spent it all. But I can't let this stand in my way I must progress, I have the mind to do it, I have the ability to do it, I can plan for it, can I follow it through? no! And the reason ..... I am only one person, on my own, it's a vicious circle, if I take someone on I have to pay them, what if I can't pay them? But then I could be out and about bringing in business and then I could pay them. I could plan, delegate and it would be done.

Food for thought, I will go and mull it over......


Elsie Button said...

well i really admire you - i would love to have the balls/intelligence/get-up-and-go to start my own business - i know what hard work it can be watching my brother do it. Good for you!

Self employed mum said...

Elsie - thanks for stopping by, i've just been reading more of your posts, the breastpad one had me laughing my head of.