Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bratz - the movie

Took my daughter to see Bratz The Movie last night it was great and no I am not being sarcastic I loved it, we went to see Bratz Passion For Fashion on stage at the SECC last year and it too was great. I absolutely love singing and dancing and fashion be it at the movies or on the stage. As the cinema was very quiet my daughter took her seat in the middle of the isle, on the floor, near the screen. I looked over at one point and there she was in full dance routine, with her hands on either side of her head rolling her head from one corner of the room to the other, swinging her shoulder length blonde hair. I think she thought because it was dark nobody could see her, I smiled with joy, she was both enjoying and expressing herself.

I'll let you into a little secret, I love singing and dancing, I love the following movies as they contain, well, singing and dancing....High school musical 1 & 2, Cheetah Girls 1 & 2, Dirty Dancing, Grease and Jump. Why? I have a deep urge to be 'that person' the lead singer and dancer, it lifts me, motivates me, makes me feel good - cue for a song "I feel good.........." I would love to be centre stage with a whole audience fixed on me, impressed by my velvet voice and cool moves, captured in the moment and huge standing ovation as I finale. But the truth, I can't sing and I'm sure my dancing is below average, although always seems slightly better after a few vodka's. I once did Karaoke and my own mother said 'please don't get up and sing again!' So I live through these films and imagine.......I dream of having secret private singing and dancing lessons and then getting up at a party, when people least expect it and doing my thing. Another secret, Christina Aguilera's song Dirty - have you scene the video? - it has the same effect, I would love to do her dance routine, complete with handsome backing dancers, water, the lot.

To many secrets for today I think, back to reality. Attending job centre in an hour with the hubby.

Before I go I would like to clarify I am not glamorous either, I only do make up when I am going out of an evening. I work in jeans and a polo shirt everyday as working with material and threads can be very dusty. I wouldn't like anyone to leave this post thinking although I can't sing or dance that I am a glamorous fashion icon.

Yours Christina x


Sparx said...

Hey! I secretly want to be able to sing and dance too - can't do either worth toffee. The Spud likes to dance, he bobs up and down whenever music comes on. We dance together sometimes - singing and dancing are such basic human desires, don't you think? Before we had TV or CDs or records, radio or pianos, before composers or musical instruments, we could sing and we could dance.

Self employed mum said...

Hi Sparx - nice to see you, singing and dancing makes my day - good or bad I don't care. New year parties when I was young consisted of aunties and uncle singing and dancing and what an atmosphere. Glad to hear the spud likes dancing, that would make anybody smile.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Oh I am so with you on this one. Dido "White Flag" is my karaoke weakness and in my head you can't tell who is singing what though I fear the reality is somewhat different!

Keep singing a dancing!

Self employed mum said...

MMOF I love Dido, my favourite song is 'Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball' I've loved it since McFly re-released it, I have actions and everything. No wonder people may think I'm a nutter