Friday, 24 August 2007

The poor relations

Today I feel like a incompetent begger!

First thing to go wrong this month was when 7 yr old was out playing on 10 yr olds bike, took a corner to fast and was saved by the neighbours car, daughter was badly scrapped and grazed but not as badly as the neighbours car which had a 12" score including 6" indentation on the drivers wing. She came through the front door pale, hurt but not crying, until the moment I said those words 'what's wrong' the floodgates opened and she announced she had scrapped a car. 'Is it bad?' I enquired 'Yes' she wailed, I took a deep breath and her hand and we went to look 'Oh!' we went straight to neighbours door, only because I thought someone might have seen her or her friend may have told her mother and so on, I would of course been furious if someone had done this to my car, it wasn't as if it was a small surface scrap after all. I do not know this neighbour very well, I say hello in the passing and god forgive me but they have to be the uglyest couple out. So with injured daughter by the hand, who I had chosen not to clean up - for effect - 'knock knock' we were greeted by beaming, smiley, ugly neighbour, I soon wiped the smile off his face 'Oh!' he too said on seeing his grazed wing. I offered to pay, through gritted teeth, what else could I do? His wife works in a garage and she would get a quote. She did, £375 including a full new set of wheel trims @ £35 as the wheel trim was scrapped! I said 'too expensive, try again!' He did, £150 at local garage, we agreed, he then mentioned the wheel trims again, he must've seen the daggers and said 'but they can wait' I agreed.

He came back to the door last night to confirm the car is in the garage and due to be collected on Saturday, in other words get your money ready, he also announced he would just leave the wheel trims, I think we were supposed to be grateful. After 11 years working in an insurance company I remembered public liability insurance through my house insurance, I called to claim, I will be called back and may have to pay £50 excess but it's still cheaper.

With husband in the unemployed bracket, he has an appointment at the job centre on Tuesday, I also called the tax credit people and explained the circumstances, they will send out an award letter and then I call to discuss. I also phoned the council tax office looking for a rebate she said she would send out a form and said - get this 'if you need assistance to fill it in, you can come in and we will help you.' I am a self employed, mother of 2, competent individual, it is the hubby who is unemployed not me! bloody cheek, did I sound incompetent, was I not clear and consise with my requirements?

People automatically assume because you are self employed that you have an abundance of money, let me just confirm, I'm not, I'm sure I will have some day, but right now no! I have the security of hubby who worked long hours, many days and brings home an abundance of money. Well blow me we have been hit by insecurity. Now with the amount of tax tht hubby has paid over the last 5 years I reckon it would be fair to claim for what we are entitled to, until employment is back on the cards....


Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hi there. Thanks for swinging by my blog. Can imagine that parting with any of your hard earned cash is painful but to put a positive spin on matters, you daughter is obviously a lovely little girl and very honest...... I sat here wondering whether my two younger sons would be so upfront....... Not that confident...... I work for an employment agency so sorry to hear that husband's isn't coming up with the goods. I would offer to help but I guess Norfolk would be a bit of a commute!! Take care.

Self employed mum said...

Thank you in return for popping over. I am very proud of my honest daughter, I think! Norfolk would certainly be a commute but he could always move there - for a short spell - of course, the hubby is also at 'that age' he could come home periodically, fancy a lodger?