Monday, 20 August 2007

Job anticipation

Another busy day at work, I'm still catching up on the school uniforms of the late comers.

The hubby was home today so I have been able to work until 5pm. Having left a job last October that he had been in for 12 years, due to the lack of work in Scotland, hubby went to work for another company through an agency, there was 3 months work promised with a view to being taken on permanently, however, the work has continued for 10 months with great wages, but has now ended, with no permanent contract. The agency, I'm sure, will get him something else. They did in fact offer him a job on Friday, a job in their office, doing what they do, matching suitable candidates with jobs. Impressive, without an interview, or ever meeting him. This made us laugh, he is not the office type shall we say and being from 'Glesga' he does not have the polite phone voice or manner that one would expect when phoning ones agency. Slang, that would be the terminology. Laughing aside he also has difficulty reading and writing, not that you would know from his quick whit, when I say reading and writing, he can read, he can write but he can't spell and has the inability to sound words out. He has a great knack of looking at the first letter of the word and making up what is says as he reads. He attended adult learning which was great, free of charge, on a one to one basis with a volunteer. Unfortunately the volunteer moved out of the area and he was no longer allowed to deal with hubby, he did suggest group learning, but this didn't fit in with shifts, the volunteer was so flexible and went right back to basics it was such a shame to lose him.

In this day and age, you wouldn't manage to get through school without somebody noticing that you are below average with this basic skill, there were 9 children in the family, a mother who is a very good speller, a father who was a drinker and wife and child beater and another 8 children, 7 of whom are older and 1 younger. All who are oblivious to this fact, we had to hide that fact the hubby went to 'school.' I wonder who's to blame, the school, the parents or both. I would like to think as a parent I would notice and if I hadn't that the school might bring it to my attention.

Anyway he has not heard anything back yet from the agency today, which means he will most likely be off tomorrow, the timing is great because I can stay at work longer and clear my feet. What's for you won't go past you!

Until the next time.......

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