Sunday, 19 August 2007

Lazy Sundays - aye right!

Worked until 7 last night and went home, collected by hubby and delinquents, armed with a McDonalds. I then, shattered thought I was, decided I would do some housework. Yes on a Saturday night! but after the all new X Factor. Is it only me or does the X Factor make everybody cry, I cry when they cry, tears of joy, of course. Especially last night when the last lady to get through had just lost her father 7 months ago and she was a beautiful singer.... sob ... sob!

Anyway I wiped my tears and carried on with the tidying up.... Watching the TV and crying with the children about is not easy and the moment is spoiled by having to explain to them that you are in fact ok and are just sharing the emotions of those on TV, then having to explain further that they are so happy that they're crying. I am far to emotional for my own good, I can be reduced to tears in seconds if there is something sad on TV and there is background music playing over the scenes. I regularly check in on the Madeleine McCann website for an update and as soon as the music starts ..... 'don't tell me, it's not worth fighting for' .......... I'm away and can't read the update for the tears. It was the same when Princess Diana died and at the funeral Elton John played Candle in the wind, they focused right in on the flowers saying 'mum.' 10 years on I can only now listen to that song without bursting into tears. I get to involved and imagine how I would feel if it was me or my children. I digress! I would make a great extra in film scenes at funerals or hospital bedsides.

Back to last night, bit of washing done, tidying up etc and went to my bed. I love my bed! I love it even more when I know I don't have to get up in the morning. I slept until child number one got up, they are not allowed to get up unless they confirm with me first, just in case it's some ungodly hour, then the thumping of the feet back up the stairs and at the top of his voice 'the TV's not working' the world has ended! this in turn wakes his sister who would have slept on til at least 9.30 if thumping feet and voices had not been heard. I opted for the easy option, perhaps other mothers would have bounded out of bed to go and fix said telly, I said 'go and play your play station' zzzzzzzz, then daughter comes bolting up the stairs 'the TV's not working' ....'go and play with your brother, I'm trying to have a long lie!' zzzzzzzz. After 10 minutes of bickering I decided it wasn't worth it and got up.

The hubby called at 12 noon to say he was finished his work. I made my lunch and here I am at work on a Sunday afternoon getting on with the items I thought I wouldn't get done until tomorrow. I should be getting organised making sure I'm set for the start of the week........I will, but later.

I have an important decision to make, should we have a kitten? We have a gold fish, a gold fish which was purchased for my son on his 5th birthday, he is now 10 and the fish is still going strong, she/he is called Jen, after the pink power ranger! The fish which requires no care at all, lives happily in its own s**t for months, usually when the water has evaporated to about 2 inches, the guilt makes me change the water. I believe this is why it has lasted so long. The children would like a dog, which is all very nice but they require care, which at the moment I do not feel I can provide. So, my next door neighbour, let me put you in the picture first of how other people live, in February there was tragedy when my next door neighbour died at the age of 39, leaving behind his wife and daughter of 10 - more tears. His wife has a son of 17 and a daughter of 23, who in turn has a daughter. The son's boyfriend...yes boyfriend (18) then comes to stay and brings his kitten. The family then decides to buy the 10 year old a kitten, since she has lost her dad! They get her a beautiful black and white cat, which they keep. But she really wanted a ginger cat, so on her dad's 40th birthday they get her a ginger cat. We now have 3 cats next door. The kitten that came with boyfriend is now nearly one and has been a dirty stop out and gone and got her own boyfriend who's obviously been having his wicked way because she has just had 2 kittens of her own. 2 little fluffy, jet black, cute kittens. The children - they want one, the hubby - he wants a dog, me - I'm undecided, about the cat, not the dog, I'm decided on the dog, it's a definite NO. We, well the children can wrap the hubby round their little finger when they want something, this comes of having a deprived childhood, they want, he didn't have so they get. Pros of getting a kitten - children have a pet, they are easy to look after, they go out themselves, stroking them is therapeutic, although hubby would suggest he has something equally as therapeutic to stroke! (I said that out loud, didn't I) Cons who looks after it when we go on holiday, answer - neighbour!

We have 6 weeks to work on hubby, I think I'm decided.

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