Saturday, 1 September 2007

Let's celebrate

It is official the hubby is back in employment and he starts on Monday. Finally the agency came through. Thank god because I need a break. Due to the hubby's availability he has been dealing with the kids and with a detailed list of little jobs to do each day to keep on top of the housework, which makes me a 'happy wife' I have been working 9 to 5 for 6 days a week, I have needed to with the amount of embroidery and new enquiries I have handled, so the timing worked well. The hubby normally works hours like this and does not complain, but next week the swimming lessons start and the Brownies and the football and quite frankly I can't work 6 full days, keep the house, arrange the kids & make the dinners etc. etc. etc. so he goes back to work and I return to my normal routine. Well normal apart from the fact the hubby will have to take the car for the first few weeks, which means public transport to work....shock, horror. I am not adverse to taking the bus, it is after all only 10 minutes along the road, I'm just always concerned something happens to the kids and I am car less or I get caught up with customers and miss the bus and am late collecting the kids at school. Of course I will discuss this with my friend who will collect the kids if I am not there, so no problem really.

I have tried to refrain from blogging at work and have spent the week cleaning out the unit, it now looks very presentable. Today I had to give in and have a little post and a read. I am on a mission over the next few weeks to get my paperwork in order and get my accounts up to date. Today's mission is simple - I now have many returning customers and although I have a computerised image of every ones logo and remember this with ease I now find I am starting to blank with the shade of 'whatever colour' they usually use. I am putting in place a system, a very simple paper system, quite simply everyone will have a file and in this file will be a copy of their logo - complete with colour details and a copy of the order each time, as I use a variety of suppliers. It will then be placed into an alphabetically listed lever arch folder - simple.

The hubby has offered to take us out to dinner to celebrate getting a job and also because I don't think he has parted with a penny since his last working day. I am proud to say I have kept us for 2 whole weeks, paid the bills, bought the shopping, even paid for the pictures, as soon as hubby mentioned 'back to work' my purse was closed. Actually it was empty. We went for diesel last night, he filled the tank - 'use your switch' I responded when he made a money gesture. Back to normal. I'm very glad.


Swearing Mother said...

Glad things are working out for you SEM, enjoy your meal!

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's surprising how many of my virtual friends are encouraging me to get that car! There's a latent Princess Penelope in all of us I guess.

Best wishes.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Well done to hubby. Glad the Agency came through.

Working in recruitment too I had my fingers crossed that my colleagues north of the border would come through.

Big up to you too - its a tribute to all your hard work that you can keep the boat afloat when the seas get rough. That's a seriously bad analogy I know but I hope you get my gist.

Talk soon

Self employed mum said...

SM - thanks for stopping by, you realise it's because we are all jealous and would love a car like that, but where would we put the kids, so until they fly the nest I will stick to my sensible Astra Estate!

MMOF - thanks for the crossed fingers, day one went well. Thanks for the praise, I'm very proud.