Saturday, 15 September 2007

Football Saturday

Funny, it's Saturday and it's raining, unusual for it to rain on a Saturday when my boy plays football...NOT! Although it didn't rain last Saturday. The game was at 9.30 this morning, which was great, finished for 10.35 and I was at work for 10.45. To give the boys a great boost they beat the other team 11-0, they needed the boost because they were starting to lose every game they played and it becomes demoralising. We mothers at the side lines were becoming embarrassed clapping, with each goal the clapping was not quite as loud, but we did shout encouraging things to the other team, like, good save goalkeeper. As I've said before my football lingo is limited.

Our goalie, a great goal keeper, but a bit of a wide boy, bit of a bully, was beginning to get huffy because he was 'bored.' Towards the end of the second half he dived for the ball, saving it, of course, and a 'red' player stood on his finger, he got up, kicked out the ball and then did a whole load of mouthing of to the offender with his arms out stretched in the 'come ahead' position, the game continued and our boys were tiring, they have just gone from playing 15 minutes each way to 25 minutes. The reds were fumbling through and the said offender went in to score, he shoots, the goalie dives, catches the ball and the offender then proceeds to fall over him. Purely accidental, well.....the goalie leapt to his feet, the offender runs, realising he is somewhat slower than the offender the goalie punts the ball at the offender, who stops and one of our coaches had to go and hold our goalie back. His mother meanwhile looks at us, who are all looking at her and asks 'whit's rang wi um?' I tell you if it was my son I would have gone on there and dragged him off, not the kind of sportsmanship we want to see. I was also thinking if my son had been on the receiving end of abuse like that he would have been traumatised. However, the goalie was whipped away quickly into the changing rooms for a pep talk straight after. I will find out later what was said as hubby is one of the coaches!

We had run our fridge and freezer bare this week, in fact everywhere was bare, we are starting our healthy eating this week. I am not fussed on veg and although I like fruit I barely eat it. I have that motherly guilt thing that I don't give my children enough of a balanced diet, my daughter loves fruit and eats it without force, my son, he would live on crisps. So last night my daughter and I went to Asda and stocked up on proper food, loads of fruit and veg and a variety of beef, pork and chicken, no processed foods, well apart from Jetters for the kids for complete emergencies.

Now that I have mastered the complete routine of getting myself and the children out in the morning at the same time, I used to walk them to school and then go back for the car and my lunch and oh well I'll have a wee cup of tea before I go, but now that my husband uses the car, we all leave, I walk them to school and go straight for the bus. So here I am ready to throw food preparation into the equation. I love to cook. I spent 3 years at college learning to cook as I thought this was my calling, I soon realised the unsociable hours were not for me. I am even contemplating getting a recipe/cook book or dusting of the old ones I have, not for fancy food just good old fashioned home cooked food.

Today I brought to work organic mixed nuts and raisins to replace the choccy biscuit, I did not intentionally by organic I just liked the look of them, but after seeing the price on the packet I will look for non organic the next time! So far I have no chocolate craving and I do have a nice muller yoghurt if I want something sweet.

I nearly forgot I also bought a whole fresh chicken, now I'm sure that is nothing unusual for the rest of the nation but I have never in my whole entire left home life (which amounts to some ahem 15 years) cooked a whole chicken, my husband said as long as we didn't have it on Sunday he would eat it. In my house we had chicken every Sunday and then my father got the left over in his pieces on Monday. I have very good reason but I'll keep that for the next post........

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