Thursday, 13 September 2007

Human hair v pet hair

I deal with many customers, customers who come to me and I supply and embroider their garments and customers who bring their own garments to be embroidered. I have no preference as long as they are happy and return, in time people realise one phone call and I can do it all. They don't have to go hunting for garments and then bring them to me and then come back and collect them. One phone call and then one journey. Easy.

I have other customers who want the corporate image but are on a tight budget and bring me garments, mainly polo shirts and sweatshirts and usually from Primark. Corporate image, on a budget, sorted. I have no objection.

My objection, dirty clothes. During the week I was given a bin bag full of polo shirts, when I started to unleash the polo's I was greeted with a little bit of saw dust, being builders, fair enough. The garments were clean, as in washed, but were covered in long blonde human hair and short animal hair. I must speak to the builders girlfriend about brushing and eliminating hair from her laundry when she comes to collect the garments. I hope she's blonde! I have no objection to animals either, we are going ahead and getting a kitten from next door, despite the hubby's protest, the kitten has been officially named Angel, I am delighted with the name as the others in the running were Gabriella or Fluffy, neither of which I fancied shouting in the street. Anyway animal hair causes me no end of grief. I cannot allow pet hair in the working area. Can you imagine my customer, the friendly pub owner who is just about to pay £500 for lovely crisp white shirts and blouses being given his order with me advising confidently 'don't worry about that, it's just a bit of dog hair.' Although his pub is called The Drookit Dug ('The Wet/Soaked Dog' for all non Glaswegians) I doubt he'd see the funny side.

Clothes done, rebagged, hair and all and then clean up begins. Wipe up, brush up, hands washed. Perhaps a sign saying 'Triple charges will apply for hairy clothing' would do the trick. I would certainly not be short of DNA evidence this week.

This has been a very busy week, I have today secured another new customer, a local nursery. I am feeling very motivated and entering into my fourth year in business I know I've made the right choice even if there has been poorer times.

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