Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Well I refrained from blogging ...for one day. I promised no more during working hours but I can't help myself it's so much fun. This will be the last one during working hours, I promise.

The hubby started his new job yesterday, he came home very dirty, that was unusual. Having put on a lot of weight gradually, I asked him casually 'is it a manual job?' he's an electricians mate and some jobs don't require any physical work, after dinner I couldn't help myself as I watched him sit with his belly poised on top of his legs and out it came 'is your belly getting bigger?' I have already tried 'the holiday photo's should put you to shame' to no avail. He replied with a big frown 'I don't know' 'can you not feel it in your trousers' I said and as quick as a flash I blurted out in hysterics 'no, you wouldn't because you fasten your trousers underneath your belly.' He went out. I was highly amused for hours, you had to be there!

Hopefully I have shamed him into doing something about it, I blame night shift.

Anyway my friend was going to the gym yesterday morning so she dropped me off at work and I got the bus home at 2.15, back in plenty of time for the kids. Managed again this morning, even picked up the bus lingo pretty quickly '2 journey' I said confidently to the bus driver and knew it was £2.50 - it tells you on the window! £2.50! It cost £1.40 for a one way to go 8 minutes along the road. Get this. £1.40 to go from my village to the town I work in (8 mins/3 miles away) but it costs £1.65 to go all the way to Glasgow which is 13 miles away, so technically it should only cost 25p from the town to Glasgow, daylight robbery.

Going to get on with work, my paper file system is nearly complete and I updated my ebay account last night and I have many order to complete.

Oh yes and son went to the youth club for the first time last night and had a fantastic time, this is the boy who won't go anywhere apart from football. Before we went he said he needed £1.50, 50p to get in and £1.00 for spending. My only concern was that they are allowed to leave if they wanted to, so some of the kids were going to the shop across the road, the very busy road on a blind corner, for sweeties. So I said he could go, but he wasn't allowed to leave unless an adult came for him and if he wanted to be given £1.50 every week he would have to earn it and take the recycling out, he agreed. That night as he went to bed and we discussed the fun he'd had I reminded him that he would have to behave and earn his money (I'm a great believer in having a dangling carrot for good behaviour) and remember and do his recycling. His words, 'I know, I know recycling on a Monday' as he said it he realised and we laughed 'did you mean everyday?'

He had the biggest grin on his face and I knew why....he made his mum laugh.


Swearing Mother said...

I know the feeling about being tempted to blog at work, but I have a horrible feeling big brother might be watching me, so I'm having to behave, unfortunately.

Ah well, it's always a good excuse to get out of clearing up after dinner - "I'm just going for a quick look at my blog....."

Self employed mum said...

SM - here I am having another little look, because it would be rude not to reply! Being self employed I have no BB watching me, but it has to be about self discipline, so I might as well make cup of tea and have my morning break and while I'm doing that I'll have a little read....very self disciplined NOT

Self employed mum said...

PS I would like to point out that I am actually running the embroidery machine while I blog so it's not like I'm doing nothing . . .