Friday, 14 September 2007

Promoting NHP Embroidery Services

I had a meeting this morning with a very nice web designer, he has gone away to start on my wonderful web site. I did try and arrange a website before and I stupidly told the designer I was not in a hurry. 7 months later I told her to forget it and we parted company. She still sends me Christmas cards so I obviously didn't offend.

I have been very busy this week again, with more business coming in and I have at the moment 14 customer orders on the go. Well actually 4 of the orders belong to the one customer. A great customer I might add, she and her husband own the local dance shop so she gets work wear for the staff in the shop, she works full time within a group of gym teachers so she gets polo shirts and this year hoodies for the staff, well she orders, they pay. On a Friday she now works coaching gym staff and teachers who deal with dyslexic & dispraxsic (forgive the spelling) children, teaching them exercises to stimulate and assist the children. So they require polo shirts for that and the rest of her life she is a baton twirling teacher so she buys clothing and sells the garments on to raise funds for the children. Oh yes and she also coaches as part of the Scottish Baton Twirling Association and they compete world wide so she has track suits for the girls and polo shirts for the travelling supporters, although we do that in June. These are my favourite customers, not to mention the fact she pays cash.

I am enjoying working at the moment, not that I didn't before but I am only one person. I man the shop, I work the machine and I can't be out promoting the business and in the shop. It's not as simple as getting a shop assistance, because they have to be trusted to work the machine. So hopefully the website will continue with yellow pages and to direct the business my way. But, of course, blogging during working hours doesn't help, but as I've said before the machine is running and nearing completion of one customers order.

So I will justify my blogging by promoting myself:

NHP Embroidery Services is committed to providing quality embroidered corporate work wear.
Project an image of professionalism with your company text or logo embroidered onto your work wear. We have a policy of no minimum order.

We deal with any team or club or individual requiring uniformity.

And of course we deal with school wear, if you wish to shop online please visit;

I thank you

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