Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Working v the real radio renegade

I am so busy at work with embroidery and many new enquiries, which usually turn into business, I am pleased with the way the business is progressing, I think my advert in the Yellow pages has been worth it as it seems to be generating new, unrefered customers.

I had a call from the web designer yesterday who refered me onto his collegue, Jim, who deals with transfering the email details, he checked which webmail site I was using for email - outlook, outlook express? I confimed I used Netfirms, which is the hosting companies own webmail page. He was glad he had checked because apparently when he transfers the hosting over to the server they are using, unless I was using a version of outlook I would have lost all my emails. This would have been a disaster, I confirm prices, orders, designs all by email. We were then able to transfer all the emails, all 2500, onto outlook express. He called back this morning, I think relieved, the transfer had completed this morning after only 24 hours after he had requested it, normally it takes 5-7 days to complete. Boy was he glad I hadn't lost my emails.

They now wait on me to put together text for the website. It is so difficult. I am too busy to do it during working hours, I sat on Monday night, the delinquents tucked up in bed, hubby on nightshift and as I started I was greeted by upset 10 yo who had a sore head and a sore tummy and runny eyes and a cough. I doped him up with cough medicine, medised for the pain and benadryl in case he was having an allergic reaction to the 3 cats and 2 kittens he had spent the afternoon with. He was sent to bed. He appeared half an hour later and being the sympathetic mother I am, I ordered him to get his house coat and slippers and sit there until he felt ready for bed as I was trying to work. He did, the poor red eyed little boy, sniffing periodically, to remind me he was there until his eyes became heavier and I reordered him to bed for fear that I may have to carry him back to bed as once he was sleeping there was no way he was going to waken after all the medicine. After that I was a bit brain dead, so I will continue tonight.

The good thing about hubby's night shift, apart from the money, is the fact it is 4.20 and I am still at work with the machine rattling away completing another order. Although I would have been happy to leave at 1pm today and might have done if hubby hadn't come in and taken car away to go and see a car for himself. The Real Radio Renegade was in Lennoxtown today with a £2000 bounty on his head, I would have loved the thrill of the chase and the possibility of catching him, I live in Lennoxtown, just outside Glasgow and where was he caught, at the top of our street, I am 3 houses away from the top of the street, hubby had just left the street to come and bring me my lunch. I ordered him out to search at 1.20, he told me he had been in the bakers for rolls and the baker said there had been a wee fat english guy in a chefs uniform asking where the bank was. He lacked enthusism and complained the main street had been busy! I missed my chance, you never know....


dgibbs said...

How your little guy is feeling better. Sounds like the website is coming along, WOW thats alot of emails!

What is this real radio renegade? I'm gonna look it up.

Self employed mum said...

Hi Dgibbs nice to see you, he is feeling better thanks.

Real Radio is the radio station and the renegade is a man on the run, I think he does it 3 times a day. He gives a clue to where in Scotland he might be and all these mad nutters chase him, nobody knows what he looks like, he dresses in different clothes throughout his running period - usually 2 hours - and just wanders about in amoungst us, leaving calling cards in shops etc and the mad nutters have to go about asking every one 'Are you the real radio renegade?' and if you find him and ask him the question you get money anywhere between £1000-£5000 pounds. Goes on for a month every year. no chance of him every being back in my village! It's hilarious there are people who chase him daily.

Casdok said...

Good to hear your business is progressing.
Well done!